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Man, What a Man! Nice Butt


So I lived in the dorms my freshman year of college. I was a part of this dorm bible study we called women’s time. There was usually 5 of us. 2 Ashleys, 2 Megan’s and a Monica. Monica always felt left out that she didn’t have a name partner, but she got over it. In the spring semester, we watched all the Love Comes Softly movies there were at the time, Remember this was 3 years ago, theres been more movies, and we did a bible study with them.

Well in some of the beginning movies there’s a character named Willie LaHaye and he’s played by an actor named Logan Barthalamew (sp?). Logan’s nice to look at. He’s nice. I’d marry a man like that if I had the chance.

One night when we were doing this bible study, Thursday night, our friend Kristen came to the dorms for women’s time and we were watching these movies. I hate to say this, but Kristen would probably agree with me after she looked at me all taken aback but Kristen instigates things. Things like going outside in the middle of the night, in the middle of November, in North Dakota to watch a metor shower that we really never saw. So when Kristen came to watch the movie with us, I knew it was going to be a good night.

After the bible study and everything we were talking about how attractive Logan is. We looked him up on the internet. He has a fan site. I normally hate going to fansites because there is always those people who are extreme fans and write things on walls that make them look like they don’t know how to spell and they get distracted by shiny. That’s how it was with this site. There were things like “omg he is so gorgeous” and “i wud marry him”

Now because we are 6 mature college co-eds we made up a fake alias and joined the site. Well, actually, Kristen was the one who thought of this. She goes we need to act like a dumb girl and write something dumb. She starts laughing and starts talking and typing. “Man, what a man….nice butt.” and posted it. Now we were all dying of laughter at this point.
End of story

They’re having a Love comes Softly marathon today on Hallmark and I saw Willie and I started giggling and said Man! What a man! Nice Butt! It’s funny how it’s the little moments with a person’s friends always stick out in the mind. Just thought I should share that


Settle Down Man


So I have been helping out at one of the ice cream places in Medora this weekend and I have kind of in the background because I won’t be there after tomorrow and these girls need to learn what to do. At one part of the day I was helping out and I had my back toward the seating area and there was a family sitting eating some ice cream. This family has 2 little boys it sounded like, remember: I had my back turned. The kids were getting a little resteless, I mean they’re kids and boys at the same time. I heard one kid say to the other, “Settle down man!” and he said it like 3 times. I almost started to laugh because it sounded so grown up.

It reminded me of this time….oh wait it reminded me of this book. The series is called “Outlander” it’s by Diana Gabaldon. The majority of the series takes place in the second half of the 18th century and there’s a, in my mind and in the book, a very attractive Scottish man. When he gets older and has a grandchild he calls him man. Like he’ll say “watch yourself man” or “calm down man”. And this little kid sounded like he would be descended from this man, but obviously not because Jamie is a fictional character. I would marry Jamie if he were real. sigh

But anyway, that’s the cute moment of the day

Medora: My bad first day


So Medora, North Dakota. It’s this little historic western tourist trap in southwestern North Dakota nestled in the scenic Badlands. Working in this little town was my job for the summers of 2007,2008 and 2009. The first in housekeeping and 2 in ice cream stores. This year however when they sent me the contract for the summer I had my parents throw it away for me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it because of my internship and well you know becoming a full-fledged adult. Well I gave it a second thought and caved.

Here is why I say caved.

Most of the town is run by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. It is a non-profit started by this millionare named Harold Schafer, who isn’t with us but his amamzing wife Sheila is. The board of the foundation has made some decisions that I do not agree with. I understand them from a business stand point but I think business sucks sometimes. AND I also say caved because work sucked last year.

So I started today and I work til Sunday, because that’s all the time I could afford. I walked in and they were like MEGAN! and they got me ready and they gave me keys and told me the ice cream managers weren’t there. I knew this. I had talked to the managers the night before. We were talking and they were telling me about this new girl i was working with and they gave me an impression that she wasn’t the roundest rock in the Badlands.

That’s a true story.

She showed up an hour and 10 minutes late and almost forgot to punch in. I didn’t care because she had orientaion to go to so I only got her for like an hour.

After dinner was when it went all down hill for me. I was working alone. I went back one of the ice cream stores and walked into a dark back room. ug. Call maitenence. Well we’ll try today but maybe tomorrow. Okay so I went to the other place to get things done over there. The door is swollen up from the paint and such. Call Maitenence. Okay we’ll put you on the list. Great Thanks.

Here’s what happened the rest of the day. I cut both my thumbs within 5 minutes of each other. I almost didn’t get my broom heads, I worked alone and got almost everything done and this made me cranky, my knee is bruised and it was muggy hot out. That was my problem. The muggy hot. I don’t deal well with heat. I never have. So by the end of the day I was dripping with sweat and wanting to cry.

Granted this doesn’t seem so bad, but for today it was bad. It makes me grateful that I won’t be here all summer just 4 days. I realized that I am not in love with this area the same way I used to. Sad day. This makes my day even worse

I should stop reading


I worked at a library as work study for 2 years at the college. There was this older guy named Terrance and he came to the library all the time. He would check out books of every sort. I mean Terrance read RUSSIAN novels. If you have seen a Russian novel, you know that they rival the weight of the Titanic. And Terrance reads Russian novels.

For this reason I could marry Terrance, if he wasn’t like 55 years older than me. I have never read a Russian novel, haven’t even tried. I tried to watch the movie version of Anna Karinnana once and I couldn’t even do that. So anyone that can read these novels are worthy of my undying devotion. Therefore Terrance gets my undying devotion.

One day, in my last week of working at the library, I was in the stacks making sure all the books were there when I saw Terrance sneaking around the fiction section. I’m convinced I was Terrance’s favorite student librarian. He always seemed to find me where ever I was in the library. Actually, part of that was my fault. I would fight for the desk when I knew that Terrance was there and checking out because I loved to see what he was reading and he knows so much about pretty much everything.

Being the oh so helpful person I am I asked Terrance what he was looking for. It was some book of Poetry by some Irish author. Being an English major I was sad that I knew nothing of this poet. But I justified it as not being having a concentration in poetry and it not being in my time period. And disapointingly I could not help Terrance

Later on I was at the desk when Terrance was checking out. Proof that he seeks me out. And we were talking and he goes “I read to much, I should stop.” and he looks away wistfully. Then he looks at me and looks at me intently and he goes “But if you stop reading your mind turns to mush.” I smiled and thought how true it is. 

This was the last time I saw Terrance since it was my last week. But I understand his sentiment. I feel like sometimes I waste my time reading. But then I read something amazing and it makes me smile. So thanks Terrance for making me realize how much my reading matters. (Not that he would be reading this, It’s no Russian Novel)