Be still my heart


So I might have mentioned Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander before. In it this woman time travels to the mid 1700’s Scotland and falls in love with a man named Jaimie Fraser. I don’t blame her.

I love Jaimie Fraser.

I would marry him if he weren’t a fictional character

My future husband has a lot to live up to.

The first book of the series when Jaimie and this other woman, okay really her name is Claire one of my favorite names by the way, meet he’s injured and he has to ride a horse a long ways and he’s injured and by the way Claire saves him and Claire is riding the horse with him. Anyway he’s injured and was like you’re cold and he tries to undo some of his kilt to wrap her in it to warm her. This is the FIRST time they meet and he’s being such a nice man. And he protects her and and and and….ooooohhhh. This is about the time I get stars in my eyes and I get a goofy grin on my face. Everyone needs to read this book. It is completly worth it.

So granted Jaimie Fraser is a fictional character and in real life in the 1700’s there were not all chivilrous men like Jaimie, the book tells you this. But where are the chivilrous men now? I’m waiting for my Jaimie and he’s not coming to cover me in his kilt. Do I have to save his life like Claire did? Really, that’s a lot of work, saving a man’s life. But I guess true love is worth it.


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