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okay Mashew really isn’t his name. It’s Matthew, he’s my brother.

I have always looked up to my brother. There is a seven-year difference in between us, he’s the oldest and I’m the youngest. I have always thought there was a special bond between the oldest kid and the youngest kid in families.

I gave him a lot of crap before he graduated high school. But when he graduated, I bawled like a little baby. Then the next year at our sister’s grad I started to cry and he hit me in the arm really hard. We’re loving that way.

Back at the beginning of the month when I moved home one of the town’s we grew up near was celebrating the 125 anniversary of the town. And one of the town’s former residents is Gwen Sebastian. She’s a country singer that has some songs out on radio and she was performing the first night of this shindig. I was tagging along with my brother and his wife. Matt got out one of the car seats from inside their cars and he goes “okay in you go, watch your fingers” and closes the door behind me.

Matt has always been that way. He was always the one that was looking out for me and was ALWAYS the big brother. I have always looked up to him. Soon after this I was thinking. I was good training for children for him. He is such a good brother and an amazing dad. He’s got the patience that I don’t think I’ll ever have with his kids. Maybe having two younger sisters help? I don’t know.

But I love my brother. Just had to share that.




So I got my diploma today. That’s exciting. Yup.

What do I do now? Does anyone have a solution for me? Or a job? I’d definitely would take a job. I have a degree in English and minor in history. I know a lot of things and can somewhat sound intelligent about some things.

I’m kind of looking for a job. I got my diploma today and I was like “I just want to play piano.” My dad looked happy when I showed him but I’m sure it was “get a job hippie” going through his head.

I want a job, I really do, but, it scares me. I don’t know if I can handle being an adult just yet.

They don’t teach you how to be an adult in the real world in college. What qualifies me to be an adult? That I’m 22 and have a degree? That I can legally drink, die for my country and vote? I don’t know, I still feel like a high school kid that daydreams about my crush.

I don’t know how to pay bills correctly, I’ve never lived outside my parents’ house or outside of campus apartments, so how do I function. How can I think about guys when I don’t know how to provide for myself or really live for that matter?

So again I’m being emotional about something that will take care of itself sort of. Again if there is any jobs anyone wants to offer me or advise, give me a holler. THANKS!

Bye Megan


So I have this nephew. He’s two. He’s the light of my life.

I went home tonight to take some stuff home and to see my uncle and aunt while they’re around. My brother and sister-in-law and their kids were there as well. That includes my nephew.

Well, we’re eating meatballs and fruit and potato salad and the kid would not eat his meatballs. And he was walking around and I was like I have kind of meatball gravy on my plate so I got it on my fork and I was like hey munchkin want this? and he’s like yeah and he eats it. I looked over to my brother and his wife who were trying to get him to eat this and saw them look at each other like why don’t we have Megan all the time?

Well because Austin loves me, he followed me everywhere and that included going downstairs where he’s not normally allowed and prevented me from getting my car unloaded.

Well, it came to the time that Austin had to leave me and he walked out into the entry way and said Bye Megan. That’s right I’m the only one. Not to Grandma and Papa or to Great aunt and uncle but to me. I know I’m the shit. I walked out to see him and to help him put on his shoes on, I mean he’s two he can’t do everything himself. And I was like hug and kiss? and so I get one of each and he was like I’ll come and see you again.