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Backstreet’s Back ALL RIGHT!!!!


Oh okay. I’m back in Medora….

Some would laugh and say I told you so but I don’t want to hear it.

Now here’s my big thing. They made me change departments. I liked being in ice cream. I got tips, I complained, I liked it. Now I’m in stupid retail and have to have a smile on my face, no matter WHAT and have to keep a nice appearance. I could look like crap in ice cream and they would still love me. The managers in ice cream are like my summer parents. I told my real parents so. They’re okay with it.

So yeah that’s my rant for now.



I was reading someone’s blog earlier and she was ranting about how she gets annoyed when people introduce their spouse as the “better half” and how it would suck to be the “less better half” and how no one really walks around as just a half, they are a whole person.

I forget that.

I complain all the time about how I’m single. But really what’s wrong with that? I’m not half, I am a whole person. I admit there might be a puzzle piece might be a little out of the spot but I am whole. I am not sick, other than some hives I’m giving myself out of anxiousness (another time, another place), I have an awesome family and some pretty great friends. Why am I rushing to be with someone?

I could come up with some reasons, like I want babies, I want someone who understands me, someone needs to warm the bed for me. I have a niece and a nephew under the age of 3, I have people who understand me, and heating pads are amazing inventions.

So I am whole, in the words of Pinocchio “I am a real boy” or girl in my case and I am learning how to deal with that. I think when I really come to terms with it, I will find that somewhat out-of-place puzzle piece.

I admire this one


So to keep up with last night’s loving tribute to my brother. I have another one. I have amazing, inspirational friends. In particular, my friend Jess.

Jess is amazing. I didn’t meet Jess till near the end of my freshman year of college. Because she almost DIED. I’m not being dramatic this time. Let me back up a little.

Jess was an amazing Christian. She loved God and went to Campus Crusade for Christ on a regular basis. She went on summer projects with CRU to Australia and the summer of ’06 went to China. China causes problems. While in China, Jess got a parasite and when doctors were doing some testing found she had Crohns disease. It took a while for Jess to get her health under control and because of that, almost died and couldn’t return to school that fall.

That fall I started college. I started going to CRU on a regular basis. I had heard some about this Jess girl who was a friend of mine’s roommate but wasn’t there because she was sick or something. It wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t know the girl, I had my own life…whatever.

She came back near the end of the spring semester. I was a little nervous about her. I hadn’t ever met anyone who at the age of 22 had all ready been to 2 foreign countries and had almost died. I shouldn’t have been nervous. Jess is so small that a toddler could probably snap her like a twig.

I got to know Jess a little better through the next year. She’s still that amazing Christian. She’s told me once that she said “I said, okay God send me to China to be a missionary, and he said no” She has never lost a missionary’s heart.

Jess has an amazing way with words. A way that makes me a little jealous. She told someone that she was working on her memoirs, because of all she’s been through, and they looked at her and she told them her story and told it eloquently.

I could go on and on and on about Jess. She is the one friend that when I am going through a rough patch, I think of her and smile and know I can get through whatever.

I still talk to her a lot even though it’s been 2 years since I moved and 3 since I’ve met her. But she keeps me positive and focused and she seriously is my hero. Thanks Jess.