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Copy that Radar?


I kind of have this thing about M*A*S*H. I’m kind of in love with it.

I have always liked older movies and the such. Like I am okay with having TCM running all day. I have even at like age 14 when other kids were watching MTV and VH1. I know I was pretty much a weird kid.

My senior year of high school near the end I got really into M*A*S*H. It’s pretty much THE perfect fit for me. It’s smart on different levels. I mean it’s smart on an intellectual level–they play doctors, doctors are assumed to have a higher standard for intellect, but the show is also smart on a comedic level. There is an episode where Hawkeye is talking about guns and he has this rant about all the things he will carry but will not carry a gun, it’s great.

Another thing that is great about this show is that it hits so many people emotionally. War is something that each generation has had to deal with, weather they have wanted to or not. The frustrations are universal as are the way that people deal with the frustration. M*A*S*H was on for 11 seasons, that’s quite some time. That is proof that people could relate to it. This show was about war during a time of troops going over seas against many people’s will. People could relate to it just as they can now.

So favorite character–B.J. He’s smart, funny and loyal, can’t get better than that.

Favorite episode–don’t ask me that. There’s 11 seasons, there’s to many to choose.


I was born in the wrong century.


So I’m reading “Pride and Prejudice” for like the fourth or fifth time. A couple of those times were for school. They weren’t always because I felt like it. I just felt like I should throw that out there.

I have always said I’m more of a Charlotte Bronte fan rather than a Jane Austen fan. I think part of this is because everyone knows Austen or has at least heard of her. Bronte is not as well-known. So it might be a sub conscious thing. But I think a bigger thing is because “Jane Eyre” was the first classic I ever read, self started at about 13, and understood. I think I related to Jane a lot. She was kind of an outcast of society. And I’m not an outcast of society but I kind of felt like it at times in jr. and sr. high school.

Anyway. I think I like 19th century writers for one MAJOR reason. They know a value of a word. Most of the books at this time were not based on dialogue like books are today. Authors like Austen and Bronte put more value in the internal. These authors have a way with word that can catch my attention and keep it. They develop their characters fully like they’re personal friends of the author.

I was taking in a mental inventory the other day of the books I have and have read recently and was trying to think of who would come close to having a good grasp on what a novel used to be, or to me at least. The closest was Leif Enger. His writing is fan-freaking-tastic. I found his first novel in Medora, the tourist trap I used to work in, a couple years ago. I read the first chapter in the store, it was short, and fell in love with his writing. I’m never sure how I feel about his plots but they are intriguing.

I talk a lot about “Outlander”. Yeah, amazing but how those books are written don’t fascinate me like the 19th century. Those authors knew how to freaking write a sentence. They’re my heroes.

I think that our culture has drifted away from our internal thoughts and that’s why I was having a hard time finding an author of the 19th century caliber. As always, I think this is due to several reasons. One is probably because, we’re scared of our thoughts. Everyone now is scared of doing something offensive and being sued so it is easier to not think as much about what’s going on in our life. The other reason is because we were raised not to. My generation has had a lot handed to us and that includes our thoughts. I also think that blogging gives a person back their internal voice. We don’t have to carry out a conversation and we get to figure out our thoughts. I like that. Maybe because I grew up on a farm and could think a lot I like that.

If anyone ever has any suggestions on who could capture me like the 19th century….

I am not a mother.


So I have never been a MTV or VH1 kind of girl. I have never felt the need to watch those channels, that’s right NEVER! Part of that had to do with my dad not being a fan of those kinds of channels. My dad is a cowboy, he likes himself a good western. Another part is that I’m a book girl, give me something with a little bit more depth.

And until about a year and a half ago I had never had a roommate that felt differently. My roommates and I have always been kind of the same, we have the same ideals whatever.

Then last August I moved in with a girl whose name is also Megan and later on Courtney moved in with us. We have similar ideals and the whatever but they watched MTV. More than likely, I sat through it and kind of rolled my eyes at some of the things that were put on like “Silent Library”…Pointless.

Anyway, I started watching the first season of “16 and Pregnant” and got really into it. And since I got into that season and that season alone of that show, I had to watch “Teen Mom”.

Yeah, I know, I feel my intelligence go down the pink, glittery toilet I’ve always associated with “those” kinds of shows.

I couldn’t imagine being in that situation. I’m 22 and am not even close to being ready for children. How does a 16-year-old do it? Why does a 16-year-old do it? I know they didn’t plan to get pregnant but kids are not so dumb these days not to make an informed decision. If I were having sex at this age, which I think is an adult decision, they can make an adult choice and use a condom or birth control. Part of the reason I didn’t have sex while in school was because I was in school. I knew if I got pregnant finishing school would have been really tough. I probably wouldn’t have done college if I had kids.

Let it be known I do want children. My best friend and I have both said I’m the one who will pop out children first. I’m just not at the popping out of my butt point yet.

With that rant over, I do kind of admire these girls. They all kind of grew up and made the right choice for them and their children. I do have my favorites of the show and my not so favorites. There is one girl I have said that one girl annoys me to know end and I want her to shut up. But after this season of “Teen Mom” I respect her a little bit more. She has grown up some and she hasn’t had it easy.

So here is my stance. If you are in high school and having sex, which I don’t agree with in the first place, because chances are you won’t stay together, be smart about it. This includes college people in their early 20’s too. Unless you are 100% ready don’t have kids. There are condoms and birth control. Don’t mess with kids.

The “I don’t care for the plot” award goes to…


So, I’ve been reading this book by John Irving. I’ve never read anything about John Irving. But I’ve heard about him. He seems to be a pretty respected guy, he’s written quite a bit. I mean he wrote “The Cider House Rules” among other things but that’s probably the most famous.

And I’m under a hundred pages from the end of “A Widow for a Year”. I have found myself asking a few times “What is this book about?” I hate that feeling. I hate doing that. I shouldn’t have to do that.

Let me explain my thought process.

When a writer is published, the book should be a literary masterpiece. Granted not everyone is going to see something as a masterpiece. Here is what I am thinking by saying the words “literary masterpiece”. The book should have plot, no unintentional grammar errors, no syntax errors and no something that would make me or an English teacher cringe or hold back puke. A literary masterpiece should get a person to read it, hold their attention and earn the respect. Respect not necessarily meaning love.

I haven’t found any of the grammar errors or any of that, but I have a hard time with the plot. It’s there. I know it’s there. I’ve found it. But I want to categorize it as a weak plot. There are three sections of this book and I’m on the last one. It’s about a girl, who grows up after the first section, and her mother’s lover. There are parts of the book where I furrow my brow and go “huh? What’s that got to do with anything?”

To give this man some credit, I looked this book up on This isn’t one of his most popular books. I do have respect for the writer. It isn’t easy to write a book and this book isn’t the worst one I’ve ever read. I really don’t even hate it with a passion. “Animal Farm” might take that award. I just have a hard time finding a reason to read this book. I’m almost done with it and I still haven’t found it.

I know I shouldn’t be so critical because I’m not a published author and I am just one person. I like to criticize books now that I have a degree in English. I have also had this thought that I haven’t read many books like this recently so I have a hard time appreciating something of the sort. It does make me want to try to write a novel of my own to see if I could meet at least my expectations of novel idea of a novel.

Macaulay Culkin may have something going.


Ever seen the movie Home Alone and Macaulay Culkin has that scene where he puts his hands on his cheeks and screams?

I could do that right now.


Because I’m home alone.

I moved back home last week because my Medora job ended. A little bittersweet as always but that is a blog for another time. Anyway, I’m home and my parents went to NM to surprise my uncle for his birthday.

He’s forty in November, by the way. An after thought. He’s 14 and 16 years younger than my dad and aunt respectively. There is a closer age gap between him and my brother, 10 years.

Anyway, I digress. Have I mentioned that the phrase “I digress” is the favorite that I picked up from college? Oh, digression, thy has gotten me into a lot of problems in papers. ANYway.

I’m home alone.

Why aren’t I pushing back the beers? I don’t know. I think I could go for one. Macaulay Culkin couldn’t drink alcohol at the time of Home Alone. He was to young.


I like being home alone. I got to shave my legs tonight without having to worry if someone else needed the bathroom and I got to blare my music, it was Queen tonight. I also got to eat whatever I wanted without my nurse of a mother rolling her eyes at me and saying that it wasn’t nutritional and I should eat better.


I need a job.

Anyone out there want to give me one?

I work hard.

I can blare my music and concentrate at the same time. I mean, it’s just orange juice right? ahahahahaha I make myself laugh.

I love my freedom right now.

Ask me tomorrow night after being alone since early this morning.

Someone might have to check on me.



So I have these shoes. They’re black,

they’re Nike,

they’re high tops

and have bright orange shoe laces.

The laces barely have holes to keep them in.

They’ve been around pretty much forever. My sister wore them when she was in high school helping around the farm and then she left and I inherited them from her. They’ve been around a good 15 years. They aren’t pretty. They’re ugly. They probably have a smell I can’t smell.

We did a lot of work in them. Like pretend to be fence posts when moving cattle, weaning cattle, branding what? oh yeah cattle. We did random farm stuff in them. Like wash cars.

Our cars get dirty, especially after it rains and we drive in the mud, yeah, it happens.

well I was going to wash cars today. So I got my awesome old shoes on and well socks to. Because let’s face it. These shoes are a little gross.

I went out to wash cars and it was fine. Until I was like “hey, um, my toes hurt and I looked down and the bottom of my shoe had come off and was making my foot a shoe length longer. I don’t appreciate that.

I took pictures of the burial and such and updated my Facebook status.

So my beloved shoes that have been around forever are dead. Let there be a tear, somewhere.