The “I don’t care for the plot” award goes to…


So, I’ve been reading this book by John Irving. I’ve never read anything about John Irving. But I’ve heard about him. He seems to be a pretty respected guy, he’s written quite a bit. I mean he wrote “The Cider House Rules” among other things but that’s probably the most famous.

And I’m under a hundred pages from the end of “A Widow for a Year”. I have found myself asking a few times “What is this book about?” I hate that feeling. I hate doing that. I shouldn’t have to do that.

Let me explain my thought process.

When a writer is published, the book should be a literary masterpiece. Granted not everyone is going to see something as a masterpiece. Here is what I am thinking by saying the words “literary masterpiece”. The book should have plot, no unintentional grammar errors, no syntax errors and no something that would make me or an English teacher cringe or hold back puke. A literary masterpiece should get a person to read it, hold their attention and earn the respect. Respect not necessarily meaning love.

I haven’t found any of the grammar errors or any of that, but I have a hard time with the plot. It’s there. I know it’s there. I’ve found it. But I want to categorize it as a weak plot. There are three sections of this book and I’m on the last one. It’s about a girl, who grows up after the first section, and her mother’s lover. There are parts of the book where I furrow my brow and go “huh? What’s that got to do with anything?”

To give this man some credit, I looked this book up on This isn’t one of his most popular books. I do have respect for the writer. It isn’t easy to write a book and this book isn’t the worst one I’ve ever read. I really don’t even hate it with a passion. “Animal Farm” might take that award. I just have a hard time finding a reason to read this book. I’m almost done with it and I still haven’t found it.

I know I shouldn’t be so critical because I’m not a published author and I am just one person. I like to criticize books now that I have a degree in English. I have also had this thought that I haven’t read many books like this recently so I have a hard time appreciating something of the sort. It does make me want to try to write a novel of my own to see if I could meet at least my expectations of novel idea of a novel.


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