I am not a mother.


So I have never been a MTV or VH1 kind of girl. I have never felt the need to watch those channels, that’s right NEVER! Part of that had to do with my dad not being a fan of those kinds of channels. My dad is a cowboy, he likes himself a good western. Another part is that I’m a book girl, give me something with a little bit more depth.

And until about a year and a half ago I had never had a roommate that felt differently. My roommates and I have always been kind of the same, we have the same ideals whatever.

Then last August I moved in with a girl whose name is also Megan and later on Courtney moved in with us. We have similar ideals and the whatever but they watched MTV. More than likely, I sat through it and kind of rolled my eyes at some of the things that were put on like “Silent Library”…Pointless.

Anyway, I started watching the first season of “16 and Pregnant” and got really into it. And since I got into that season and that season alone of that show, I had to watch “Teen Mom”.

Yeah, I know, I feel my intelligence go down the pink, glittery toilet I’ve always associated with “those” kinds of shows.

I couldn’t imagine being in that situation. I’m 22 and am not even close to being ready for children. How does a 16-year-old do it? Why does a 16-year-old do it? I know they didn’t plan to get pregnant but kids are not so dumb these days not to make an informed decision. If I were having sex at this age, which I think is an adult decision, they can make an adult choice and use a condom or birth control. Part of the reason I didn’t have sex while in school was because I was in school. I knew if I got pregnant finishing school would have been really tough. I probably wouldn’t have done college if I had kids.

Let it be known I do want children. My best friend and I have both said I’m the one who will pop out children first. I’m just not at the popping out of my butt point yet.

With that rant over, I do kind of admire these girls. They all kind of grew up and made the right choice for them and their children. I do have my favorites of the show and my not so favorites. There is one girl I have said that one girl annoys me to know end and I want her to shut up. But after this season of “Teen Mom” I respect her a little bit more. She has grown up some and she hasn’t had it easy.

So here is my stance. If you are in high school and having sex, which I don’t agree with in the first place, because chances are you won’t stay together, be smart about it. This includes college people in their early 20’s too. Unless you are 100% ready don’t have kids. There are condoms and birth control. Don’t mess with kids.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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