What is the story?


Everyday occurences bring up random thoughts in my mind. A television show, an ingredient in a recipe. Anything.

I will occasionally go in a thrift store and look at stuff. One time I found a 1985 Letterman jacket from the high school I went to. And I was trying to figure out who it would belong to, even though tha was like 11 years before I graduated. What’s that? Oh yeah, I make sense.

But I have always wondered about the stories behind the thing. I even do that with books. Where did that item come from, who had it before me(if it was something used), where did the idea come from, why make that choice in the plot. I’m full of questions some days.

I got this book that I got for really cheap at a used book store. I was going to start reading it and when I opened it, I found a book mark. I’m always excited when I find a book mark. Anyway it was from a book store in like Colorado or somewhere. And in the back of this book there was a little slip of paper that said how much this person paid for the book and that they paid with a visa.

I began to wonder about this book. How did it come several states away and why did the previous owner leave their contents in the book. I mean good thing it didn’t have the credit card number on that paper. I wouldn’t have done anything with it but what if that paper fell out along the way or something with those numbers on it, that could be bad.

Anyway, with who I am, it’s easy to see why I like going into thrift stores or with something old and used in them. Those stores should have people write stories for the items they’re donating, that would make me jump up and down like a little school girl and/or pee my pants.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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