My expectaions should be lowered


Recently, like last week, Yahoo had a featured story about marriage. Because I like marriage and one day want to be married, I read it.

It was about how marriage changes things, so mentally I was all like “Okay it’s going to be about the sub-conscience changes” I have one question.

Why do I expect so much from Yahoo?

~Side note~ A yahoo in literature comes from Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver Travels” in the fourth book. It’s the derogatory term the horse culture called the humans. So we are taking news and getting e-mail from a place that is calling us something derogative.

Needless to say, it was not deep. It was what a person should expect from marriage. Things are going to change duh. Finances are different, who and when you hang out is going to change. Why is this news?

Then I got to thinking. Not everyone is me. Obvious, yes. What I mean is that I grew up with my parents having a strong marriage. They every once in a while we would see them argue about something little but it was little. I never heard my parents actually fight or yell at each other. My brother and sister-in-law have been together most of my life and I haven’t seen them fight like that either, or my sister and brother-in-law. What I mean to say is that some people see that all the time or are oblivious to what marriage really is.

~Another side note~ try saying “or are” ten times fast.

I grew up with great marriages that were realistic. That has helped me a lot. Another thing that has helped me when I look at a guy is I’m an observer. I see things. Not everyone is. Let’s face it, not everyone can be me. I’m ok with that.

So thank you Yahoo for putting up really random news stuff that makes me roll my eyes.


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