Yeah, that’s what my boots are for.


So, I normally do NOT get upset about people’s opinions. I don’t usually get mixed in with other people’s opinion. Their opinions are their thoughts and feelings. Most of the time I roll my eyes and make a silent sarcastic remark and let them be if it’s something I don’t agree with.

But sometimes those opinions are too much for me to handle. Those uneducated opinions get under my nerves. One of those opinions that gets under my skin is the negative opinion of farmers.

I know this guy. He’s from Texas originally and moved WAAAAAAAY up north to North Dakota. He’s from a city and he moved to an agricultural state. I’m not saying in this story that people from Texas are bad, this is just an example of my point.

One time a friend of mine and I were talking. Both of us grew up on a farm and know how hard farming can be and is. Anyway, this guy came up in our conversation. She was telling me how one night he was bashing farmers and how they didn’t do any work and had a lot of money. This was in front of people who grew up around farming.

I was upset about this. Yes, there are larger farms where there are more people working and the work load is spread around and there are places where farming is more profitable. But this guy was talking way out of turn. He showed how ignorant he was about the area he had been living in for some time all ready. This friend told me she almost walked out.

I was thinking about that situation today. What would I have done if i had been sitting there? I always helped out on the farm, I didn’t get an allowance, it was expected of me. After thinking about that I started to think of this guy. I have such a stronger work ethic than he does and people are more willing to hire me for that and because of where I’m from. If I had been there, I obviously would have been offended and I probably would have left after telling him where he could find my boot if he had said anything like it again. But hey that’s just me.

So if you want to get me upset and see me upset. Go ahead and try to defend the Texan’s point of view. I’ll prove you wrong.

I just ask that people remember that someone had to raise their meat, raise the crops for the ingredients for their food and so on. Just like your job, it’s not easy. Please be respectful.


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