Date: October 16, 2007
Place: My bed, in my dorm room
Time: Like 7:30
What was going on: I was sleeping.

My sister-in-law was pregnant. We all knew she could go in at any moment, even though she wasn’t due for another like 2 weeks. But that little one wanted to come out as soon as possible.

So, November 16, 2007 at 7:30 I got a phone call from my mother. I had a nephew. I was half asleep but I was still pretty excited. I had art class, I couldn’t concentrate. I had a band rehearsal for a concert the next day, yeah like that was where I wanted to be.

Finally I got to meet Austin Matthew Miller. The first grandchild on my side, definitely not on my sister-in-law’s side, and first great-grandchild. He’s pretty amazing. Even at the hospital, we were homies. I remember thinking that we were going to be great friends. (Wasn’t that a line from somewhere, it sounds familiar?)

Austin has led to some pretty entertaining moments in the past 3 years. Him and his sister, of course, have always been an intense mood lighter. Like blueberries and black olives are the same thing in Austin’s world and being a cowboy/farmer is all that is really important and the “Veggie Tales” Theme song is the best ever.

I’m one of the first ones he says hi to, the one he plays with, I’m 2 friends to him, he says “I love you”, does thumbs up and loves soup and pizza. He’s a little charmer.

How much can happen in 3 years? Well, I never thought I’d be so in love with this little boy, I’d pretty much be lost without him.

I’m glad he’s born.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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