Mental State


So I’m reading “Comanche Moon” right now. It’s part of the Lonesome Dove tetralogy. It’s over 700 pages long and it’s slow going with the reading. It’s not that it’s badly written, it’s just it’s not something I usually read and there’s a lot going on so I have to read little bits at a time to process it all.

side note- Don’t tell my dad this, but it’s kind of because of him I’m reading these books. I kind of like him, A LOT, I’m a daddy’s girl and I like to have things to talk to him about, like westerns and I know this is a horribly structured sentence….BACK OFF.

Anyway, in the book they have this captain of the rangers gets his war-horse stolen by the Comanches and he goes a little mental. One of the rangers says something to the point of “If a body can heal, I suppose a mind can too” This comment really stuck out to me.

I’m not one who usually dwells on a line of a book. I read too much to do that. The only way I do that is if it’s really cool. The only line I can remember off-hand is in Wiesel’s book “All Rivers Run to the Sea” where he talks about the first line and the last line… I digress…

I think this line came bursting out to me because I really wonder at times if a mind can be fixed. I have doubts that a mind can fully be fixed. I think that after a mind is “broken” it can improve but never fully get better. I have random thoughts like this. I have i-pod thinking.

I’m not saying that this character believes everything is better after you go crazy and you come back but I think that he didn’t think it out. He didn’t have to. His job was to be a Texas Ranger, like Walker, not a psychiatrist.

I think that thinking about the deep subjects is important. Not overdoing it but thinking deep a little every day. Granted you can’t plan for every situation that comes up but I think that thinking deep helps keep the mind at an active and healthy state. That’s my 2 cents. 🙂


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