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My Withdrawal Cure.


So “Outlander”, mmmmm. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it. I have been looking at the series on my bookshelf and wanting to do a 3rd read through, but I have enough to read for the moment. and one re-read a year is really enough. I also just read someone’s excellent review on book seven. I thought it was time to bring it out again.

I have never been this obsessed with a series. I think that the characters were the first characters that I could relate to as an adult and that develop and mature like adults and that I can form myself like. Not that I am going to base my life on fictional characters because that might put me in a mental institution. Plus, with how Jamie Fraser is descibed….you’d have to not be alive to get some kind of gut reaction to him. He even attracts homosexuals, s included, more than one. I mean Black Jack may have just been using Jamie but still, there was still some kind of attraction.

So here, because I am a little obsessed, is a collection of thoughts that may turn into a series of posts about “Outlander”

I want Jamie and Claire’s kind of love. I don’t want Jamie, I’m not smart enough or head-strong enough (he would have died 2 seconds after meeting me I’m sure). I don’t want to be Claire, to easy of an option and she knows how to handle Jamie better than I ever would. What I do want is to have someone that I can relate to like they do.

To step away from characters for a second and because I think posts about just characters is ridiculously boring, the plot is interesting. I would have had a hard time thinking of something like this plot. There are times where you forget about the time travel and just read it as a historical or romantic fiction. There is so much detail and so much research that goes into it, it’s amazing– no wonder it takes like 2-3 years to write a book, with all the wars and people in this time period it’s amazing.

Well, I’m tired of giving my thoughts. Obviously this is going to turn into a series of Outlander posts. This makes me excited, it’s like a cure to my withdrawals. I’ll probably have posts on people, things, experiences, so keep looking for it.


May I have your Hand?


It’s no secret I read right? I mean it’s all over my blog, I mention it the blog’s name for heaven’s sake. I may be blonde, I may have my moments where a duh and a hand to the head is necessary but I can read.

On that note, let me just say that without books, I’d really be lost.

Let me point out one other thing. I like movies. I’ve pointed that out many times on here as well. It’s kind of the other relaxer at night, when I’m crabby.

But sometimes, just sometimes (beginning to be more sometimes), these two loves of mine are fused and one is the other and the other is one. If this marriage of two is done well, I don’t mind. If it isn’t done well, well, get a divorce. Let me give examples.

“The Princess Bride”- Love the movie. I can quote most of the movies doing the voices. “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife but after that I don’t know if I even want to be that anymoooorrree!” Just read the book. It’s different from the movie, but still very good. In this case, stay married.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” Divorce, divorce, divorce. I’ve read the book. I can’t say I’m a HUGE fan of the book but it’s enjoyable. After ignoring my friend’s advice, I recently bought the movie, mainly because I like Rachel McAdams (who wouldn’t like the girl who had Ryan Gossling’s heart for a while). The movie left so much out. It made the book look sucky, movie was confusing and ugh.

“A Walk to Remember”- Stay married. The book and movie could be separate entities. They are very different but still very good.

Another book and movie that can stay together and share the same air is “The Five People you Meet in Heaven”. Either way it’s a story that makes you sigh and kind of grin.

One couple that might be in trouble is “Eragon”. The movie made no effort to make room for the rest of the series of books. I understand it’s hard to make movie sequels. But if there was a follow-up movie, which I’m pretty sure there won’t (it’s been about five years since the movie) it would stray so far from the books. It could be a disaster.

“The Chronicles of Narnia” is a series that’s being done right. The movies are being held pretty true to the books and they are made epic like which they should be.

“Jane Eyre: Masterpiece Theater” YES! I would compare this to the old married couple couple. It’s four hours long so it’s kind of like your grandparents when they go senile-ish or when they want to keep you around more. I didn’t mean to offend by that comment, but if I did, sorry, it’s just an analogy. But very close to the book and I LOVE the book. Did my senior project on it.

I love my lists like this. Maybe I’ll do some more one day. Stay tuned.

I’d take “Easy Button” for a thousand Bob.


Today has been a day of being pulled in many directions. t’s been like a week and a half of many directions.

I’m half-way unemployed. I work part-time 45ish minutes away. This is where it gets a little hard to read the map.

I have this interview in a town like a hundred miles away coming up next weekend. I really am interested in this job. It’s for a director at a museum. I could be a geek every day of my life. The only thing I’m worried about this job is if I’m mature enough for it, but I can learn.

I had a phone interview last week at a town kiddy corner from where I’m at. It’s an English as a Second Language instructor. Good experience, benefits good, bigger town, what not. They want to do another interview face to face and then possibly have me start on the 10th. There’s going to be a storm coming in this weekend. I don’t know what to do.

Both jobs are what I could see myself doing. Both are for good experience. But which way do I go? If I don’t get someone with Skype, the ESL instructor job is gone and if I don’t get either, I’m still screwed. I know, I know, make it myself. But it’s so hard. I wanna easy button. ANYONE have one? I’ll pay for it.

Give you’re opinions… NOW!

What do you have to offer Canada?


After every holiday/family get-together, I have this kind of let down feeling. It’s like I’m disappointed all the work and fun is over. It could also be like being like someone just took away your reason for living. Whatever you feel is necessary fill it in there.

This holiday was no exception. Here is the highlights of Christmas Day.

I forgot to give my niece her present. In my defense it was hiding behind part of the tree that was thick and I couldn’t see it from where I was dishing them out AND I had a little 3-year-old boy helping me hand them out, talk about distraction. But don’t worry she has it now.

I had a meaningful conversation with my cousin who is just above me in age. It was about Canada. We talked about how it felt like central Canada has nothing to offer. No hills, no real main attractions, not even many animals. I’m sorry central Canada. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, so if we’re wrong and even if we’re right, please don’t be offended, we hold you in the highest respect.

I had a conversation with another cousin, the one who’s right under me and beat me out for being the baby. It went something like this.
M-I like my job, for now. -pause- It’s not like I’m doing anything inappropriate.
E-(immediate response) Like telemarketing?
M-Exactly like that.

We also had a conversation about pie. Our grandma makes the most amazing pies ever. It’s a family tradition to have pies at a holiday family gathering. I looked at Evan and said, I thought quietly, “What happens when Grandma stops making pies?” He responded with telling me that one of us two would have to keep it going and my older cousin said “I trust Megan with that job”. That sparked a whole conversation about when the last time everyone single at the table made a meal, that was 3 people.

I puked. Yeah, I know that sucks. I have been sick for a while and I still have a little cough and after dinner I had a little tickle in my throat and I excused myself to go urinate and take care of that tickle. Well, I coughed so hard I puked all over the front top of my sweatshirt and down my black cami. At least it wasn’t white. That would be unfortunate.

My nephew insisted on calling my cousins “Hey you.” even though he knew their names. I have a feeling he is going to be a very funny kid.

There are many other memorable things that happened. I just can’t think of any and this post is long enough, I believe. Have a happy New Year!

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.


I should be in the holiday spirit, right? But I’m not.

I should be all I love the world because Jesus did, right? Yeah that’s not happening right now.

I should want to get together with my family and just hang out, right? That I do want to do.

Last couple days I have been going through the “I hate life and I just want to be crabby” point of my life. I go through periods where all I want to do is be crabby and just hang out with myself and a good book. I’m going through that part of my life right now. Maybe it’s my lack of reading that has me all crabby.

It is kind of an unfortunate time to be going through this moody period of my life. For heaven’s sake it’s Christmas time. I should get it together. But most people have these little moments so I can too.



I finished “Comanche Moon” last night. There has been a weight lifted off me. Seriously. That book was 716 pages long, it’s heavy.

Anyway, it was a good book. I haven’t read many westerns before. I have definitely seen them. My dad is a cowboy, he watches the Western Channel almost religiously.

I was thinking about this the other day and then again this morning when “The Man from Snowy River” came on that I would have loved to see that movie in theaters. It’s scenic, the camera angles and everything is amazing, it’s purely epic. It would have been amazing in theaters. To bad that it was made 6 years before I was born.

I have begun to be pretty good at identifying westerns. I never thought that would happen but with living at home now I get to watch a lot of westerns. “The Man from Snowy River” “The Red Headed Stranger” and certain episodes of “Gunsmoke”, “Lawman” “Have Gun will Travel” are among some of these westerns. It makes me feel kind of weird to know these episodes so well and to know all the names of the characters. I have actually started to enjoy westerns. It’s funny because my dad and I will be watching something and he’ll tell me what happens before it happens and then it’ll happen and we’ll look at each other and he’ll say “Told you”. It’s a fun game, it really is. But at least it’s a conversation starter.

Back to the book. The writing is so good. It’s in character and never leaves character. It took me a long time to read it because it is a long book and because I’m not used to the language. That might seem funny since it’s written in English. But it’s not. Each generation, each occupation, each geographical area has a way to speak. 19th century Texas Rangers aren’t any different. I appreciate that the book never lapses into a modern way of saying things. It’s always how things must have been said then. I like authenticity in books, those books make me happy, they really do.

Name That Movie.


I like movies. I like movies just about as much as I like books. That’s really saying something because I reallllllllly like books. I have quite a collection actually, of books AND movies.

I know I have said before I was kind of a weird kid. I mean I was scared of puppets and the “Wizard of Oz” when I was little. Here is another really weird tick that might set me apart from other people.

I quote movies a lot.

Now you may say, why is this a weird tick? What I didn’t say is that I quote movies people don’t always quote on a regular basis. To make me a little bit normal, let me add that I don’t do it with random people. The people I quote these lines to are people I know and hang out with on a regular basis. The only thing is they don’t always get that I’m quoting a movie.

The movies I generally quote are movies like “Braveheart”, “The Princess Bride”, any Mel Brooks movies, “Juno” stuff like that, which make people think a little bit and then laugh at the joke I’m usually trying to tell. I really do make sense in my head, it’s just that other people don’t understand my humor and eventually I stop telling jokes because it’s awkward to laugh at your own jokes and no one else is. Oh big sigh.

I sometimes get a laugh from people who know the movie and I have started to tone down on who I use movie quotes on. So the good thing is, I am getting more sane.

Here is some examples of some of the quotes I use. And keep in mind I do say quotes from more recent well-known movies like “Dodgeball” and “Wedding Crashers”

“I didn’t like him anyway. He wasn’t right in the head”- Stephan- “Braveheart”
“I the most wanted man on my island, except I’m not on my island, of course” Stephan “Braveheart”
“In order to find his equal, an Irishman must talk to God” Stephan “Braveheart”
“…And there they were, four white horses, and I thought, there are four of us if we ever find the lady. Hello lady” Fezzik “The Princess Bride”
“Never trust a Sicilian when guess is on the line. Ahahahahahahahaha ahah….” Vizzini “The Princess Bride”
“That does put a damper on our relationship.” Wesley “The Princess Bride”
“Blinkin, what are you doing?
Guessing….I guess no one’s coming” “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”

I feel like sometimes I examine my quirks all too much on this blog. Sometimes it makes me a little bit self-conscious but it helps me grow tas a person. So really for movies, books and this blog are independent Megan Growers. How insanely cool is that?