You need to Shave


So, it’s been a while since I talked about the nephew. He’s my favorite.

He went to go see Santa after Thanksgiving. Told Santa he had to shave. Santa almost lost it laughing.

~Side note. How can you lose something when doing something? Where does it go? What does it do?

Anyway, we were in church yesterday. They were sitting the balcony and I went up to see them. It was prayer time at the end of church and it was at a time where I felt like I could sneak up there. Austin was talking in church and was in a little bit of trouble but got to sit on my lap anyway. I love coming to see him when he doesn’t expect me. Watching his face is the most precious thing ever. It lights up and usually he goes ” Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan” until he reaches me, which doesn’t take long cause he runs and then asks to be held. His mom and I picked him up at day care one day and he came to me first, didn’t even see mom.

Here are some of our conversations.

A-Your necklace is black
M- yup
A- Mommy’s is white and your’s is black.
M- Yes it is
A- Mommy, you need to get a black necklace like Megan’s. You need to buy one.

A-Are you going to work later?
M- Yeah I am.
A-Do you feed Jake (his dog) for money?
M-No. Do you feed Jake for money?
A- Yeah, I feed Jake for money. (Pretty sure that’s a lie)

M-Did you bring the new pickup in?
A- Yeah. The car’s is broke. There’s so much snow it broke and we can’t get out and we brought the bickup (that’s not a typo, he really says bickup) and the car is broke.
M-Sooooo, the car’s broke?
A- Yeah the car broke. There was snow and the car broke.
M- Oh thanks.
(The car got stuck and that translated into broke and imagine very dramatic hand gestures from him during this conversation)

A- We have to eat dinner and take a bath and watch the news and weather and it’s dark outside and we watch a movie though and then we go nighty night.
M- So you watch a movie before the weather?
A- And the news.

My nephew’s new thing is “Are you sure?” My brother said one night he was covered up with a blanket and Austin started to uncover him and he told him not to and Austin goes why? and Matt said “Because I’m cold” and Austin said “Are you sure?”

I about lost it with that one.

I’m sorry to bore with these conversations. Austin’s just kind of the light of my life right now. He’s my favorite and I like to share about him. It makes my day.


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