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Those Initials say so Much


“We are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, intellectually; we need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves.” C.S. Lewis in The Four Loves intro, page 2.

So while in college, I read a lot. I learned how to structure a paper so it makes sense, though I don’t always use it here on the blog, but I mainly read a lot. I can read fast, my reading score was the highest score I got on my ACT’s.

That means, when summer came, I read like a fiend. I read books upon books because I knew that when school started, I wouldn’t even look at a book that was labeled “fun”. I knew it. For Christmas and birthday (it’s in February) I would get Barnes and Nobel Gift Cards and I would spend them on books and then put them aside for the next couple months and forget about them. That could get me in trouble. Books seem to just collect around me and I forget I have a certain book.

One summer, oh I’m guessing the summer of ’09, I picked up C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves. Now, if you are having a hard time placing who C.S. Lewis is or don’t know at all who he is I’ll tell you who he is. You know the “Chronicles of Narnia” movies? One just came out last month…..the third one? First one came out when I was still in high school…..he wrote the novels. Yeah they’re probably his best known novels outside the Christian world.

I loved The Chronicles of Narnia when I was younger. They were the first series I got into when I really started reading. Yes it was before Outlander. WAAAAYYYY before. You think I would read that book at 10? No. I wouldn’t. I would have needed a therapist. They are great reads for young readers.

When I got to college I had some friends that were all like “Oh C.S. Lewis is so good. You need to read more of him.” I was like okay. I can do that. So I got The Four Loves. It’s only a hundred and forty pages long so I thought that it wouldn’t take me long to read since I read so fast. And I was like “I read the Chronicles so therefore they’re the same and I won’t have any trouble.”

I was so wrong.

I knew that Lewis was a very intelligent man. He was a professor. That means he has deep thoughts and a ridiculously large vocab. I forgot that big kid books and littler kid books are different for a bit. I started reading The Four Loves like a kids book. One word.


This book is one of the most complex books that I have read. Actually, it’s one of the most intellectual books I’ve read. I have never had to stop so much and think with a book in my life. Sometimes, I would have to stop for like a half hour after one sentence to fully process what was just read. Even though it’s only like a hundred and forty pages, I have it marked up and highlighted so much and written all over. So much so that none of my other books, regular or school, don’t have this much traffic. It’s a pretty big deal because I mark up books a lot.

This book was written in a way that I had to take a step back from pretty much everything I have known and reevaluate some of my relationships. Are they really what they should be? Am I looking for the kinds of relationships that are what I need and are healthy?

Needless to say, this wasn’t the summer reading I was looking for but I am glad I did read it during the summer, in Medora. Medora is a small town ideally and relationships are typical small town. It was a good reality check. And Lewis is a man I admire so much more and will continue to read for decades to come.


My Neck IS a Vital Part of Me


Go into this post with the idea in the back of your head that I have a degree in English and a minor in History. I’m skeptical AAAAANNNDDD I’m kind of in a pissy mood.

Random thought…..

I’m not a big fan of vampires.

I know in this era and in my generation, there’s a lot of hype about vampires because of Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, Twilight did get a considerable amount of people reading. I like that. Whenever a book comes on the scene and gets people to read, I really like it. I roll my eyes at it and say I will never read it, but I usually give in and do because I want to know what the hype is all about.

I have read Twilight. I understand the hype. I was addicted to them for a while as well. I read them because I got sick of everyone bugging me about reading them. The books do have a certain appeal that I just can’t put my fingure on. They definitely aren’t the most thought-provoking books out there. I would almost but them in the same category as the Harry Potter series but I understand what makes the Harry Potter series attractive to the followers.

One of the funniest ways I have heard Twilight described is like this…”Some girl moves to Oregon from like Arizona or somewhere and then she meets this sickly kid and she starts to feel funny. Then they go play baseball and they chase her and they die” I about died with laughter. The guy who said that was kind of a geeky looking guy and he said it with a straight face.

One of my things is that vampires have kind of been a big thing for a long time. They have been in a lot of civilizations through time. Stephanie Meyer did not invent the vampire, neither did Ann Rice or Bram Stoker. I’m glad my friends are starting to back off the vampires, it’s getting old. And the thing is, everyone is like that, not just my friends.

I liked other books, books that will make me think and challenge me. Books like Dracula are more challenging when it comes to plot and stuff and I understand some people can’t handle everything that Dracula has to offer. I didn’t when I first read it.

But Twighlight is a good easy read for de-stressing after a long day. They’re easy for me to read and won’t take a lot of time out of my life.

I’m not totally against the whole vampire thing. I understand why people are attracted the idea of vampires. The idea of being immortal is attractive to some. I am not some. I’m okay with dying one day. There are other reasons, I’m sure to people liking vampires but that’s the only one I can come up with.

I think Twilight has added some more to the folk-lore of vampires as other vampire books before have so looking at vampires today is a totally different ball game than 100 years ago or even 30 years ago.

Just to put this out there, I have an old English Professor that would hate that I even let Twilight even escape from my mouth.

I know this post was kind of a random post and was kind of every where but I am an English major that’s the way we think and speak and function.

Who Invented Internet?


I realized today, actually a few minutes ago, that I am an internet junkie. That’s right, an internet junkie. On my days off, I feel like the need to check my e-mail all the time, to check my favorite sites all the time. That’s a problem. People aren’t going to Facebook me all the time, sites don’t usually change in five minutes. It would be interesting, however, to post every couple of seconds. I mean like Post every thought, like Twitter times 100 million.

I see a major problem with this. This takes away from pretty much everything. This takes away from

READING I am not as far in The Three Musketeers as I should be. I should be at least half way through it by now and having more great thoughts about it. But no, I’m checking Facebook to see who is engaged.

EMBROIDERY I have SOOOOOO many projects started I should be finishing. I have like 2 or 3 wash cloths that need to be done. But no, I’m checking What Ree Drummond is doing in Oklahoma.

FINDING THE RIGHT APARTMENT I need to live somewhere, not with my parents. I looked at some yesterday. EWWWWWW. I looked at one and thought “How long do I have to clean to go bare footed or sit or sleep here?” There was one that was really expensive and really nice. I was sad that I couldn’t afford it.

FINDING THE PERFECT MAN Yeah, I want to get married. If I had this one I wouldn’t have to worry about the one above now would I? But no, Carol and Tracey talk about the Outlander series and make me happy.

CLEANING My parent’s place could be so much cleaner since I’m home but no. I choose to be looking at books at goodreads. Books or books on the internet? Both make me happy but neither gets me cleaning.

I really do have a problem don’t I? I need a support group or something. I need a support group for a lot of things. This is now my most recent thing I find that I need a support group for.

I really wish that internet didn’t exist sometimes. I could get more done. Who invented it really? It’s useful but overly so. GAH!

So in my last attempt at a cry for help before I go insane. Someone. Help me…….Please………Someone? Is anyone out there? I am useful to you?

Oh t-shirt, I love you


I don’t normally get to wear t-shirts. No, wait. That’s a lie. I don’t normally get to wear comfy t-shirts. I work a lot so the t-shirts that I do get to wear are kind of on the dressier side and I don’t wear those often. I usually wear a sweater or something long-sleeved and warm to work. I kind of resent it at times. That’s why I got a new job.

Anyway. I don’t have to work today. I don’t have to work til next week actually. It’s pretty refreshing. It is a good day people. So I was excited this morning to realize I could wear a comfy t-shirt and jeans with comfy underclothes. So I go to my room all excited like. I have a pep in my step and a smile on my face because I could wear a t-shirt.

I pulled out a comfy pair of jeans. They’re the ones you by kind of ripped up, but they’re so comfy. I could almost live in these jeans, that’s how comfortable they are. No lie. I then decide to find a shirt.

Now, if this was a movie I’d pause it to explain something. So Pause. I moved in with my parents temporarily until I found something permanent. That was October. I have been working since November, I just haven’t moved out yet. Don’t worry though, I’m looking at places today.


I was pulling clean clothes out of my wash basket and each shirt I pulled out was a Medora shirt. One after another was a shirt that I had gotten in Medora. Is this a joke? Is all I own Medora shirts? No. But do I have a million of them? Yes. Do I resent this a tad? YES.

I love the town of Medora and I love the North Dakota Badlands but to work in a tourist town for a foundation you don’t agree with a lot is a totally different thing. I now roll my eyes when I here the word Medora. Even if it’s someone’s name I roll my eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good that the foundation does but I was there to long and saw too much to care by the end. Please don’t let my bad attitude ruin you Medora experience if you ever go there. It is a great town. Just remember the employees in most of the places do not work for a perfect company, like everyone else in the world.

I did end up with a shirt I got in Medora. I got tired of looking for something non-Medora. It actually doesn’t have the word Medora on it. It’s just a picture of Teddy Roosevelt and the years he was president on it, which was 1901-1909. I love Teddy Roosevelt. I think he was a good president. Of course my opinion.

Well that was my drama of the day. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly. It was an experience I probably won’t remember.

Table for One. Right Here.


I am young. This is very true. I turn 23 next month. That puts me into the “are you sure you have all the slimy insides off that you came with out of the womb?” group that some would put me at. And I know I’m young, the only way to change that is to grow out of it.

But with being young like this, I come with a kind of life hazard you might call it. What is it? All my friends are getting married. I am at the part of my life that not being married or in a relationship is going to be awkwardish for me.

Here is what makes weddings awkwardish for me. You know how they send out the invitation it’s always “Miss Megan blah blah blah and guest”. Well that makes you feel like a failure if you are depressed. (which I’m not) Then you get to the wedding and you’re surrounded by love. The ceremony is great, they’re so in love. Life is great.

Now this is always the part where I get a little awkward.

The reception. I have had a few friends get married where I don’t know the majority of people. Like I only know the bride and like 4 other people. When you are sitting there by yourself, you don’t know a single soul around you because your friends are champs and are dancing with their loved ones, you feel a little awkward. Makes you wish for a meaningful relationship.

One thing I hate about weddings is the gift. I know they have the registry but what if they don’t have a registry. What if you hate everything on the registry, you think it’s ugly. What do you do then? Cash? Okay, yeah that’s legitimate.

Overall I like weddings, they’re a lot of fun. I wish I could go to more.

One thing that I have noticed is the way some of my old friends have gotten into engagements. I have noticed that I haven’t talked to someone for years and then I will go on Facebook and look them up and they’re engaged. I’m sitting there floored and I was like I know that it’s been a while but not that long, how did they get engaged? One person I was like who would marry that? (I don’t normally do that, it’s just that guy was a complete creeper back in his single days)

Does this surprise mean that I should keep in better touch with my friends? What if they aren’t close friends, am I supposed to keep in good touch with them? I mean, if they can’t keep my short attention. I don’t have to keep in contact right? Right.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Here’s to going to weddings alone.

Pancakes or Waffles? BIG Decision.


WARNING!!!!!! If you can make it through this post I’ll give you a penny.

I have some pretty good friends. I love them completely. They keep me laughing and getting through the day.

I have several groups of friends. I have the pre-college, first two years of college, last two years of college and Medora friends. My funnest and probably my favorite group of friends is hands down is my Medora friends. Medora provides summer jobs, so lots of college kids blowing off steam and hanging out at the bar even underaged people are at the bar. That’s really convenient then you know if you’re looking for anyone they’re at the bar and you know which bar of the three they’re at usually. It’s a convenient system.

Soooo, Medora friends are the best to have fun with and they usually stick to you like glue. Whoa oh Whoa oh stuck like glue. Name that song and artist, you might get a prize. It’s something big like my undying love. Medora friends are fun, we established this. We have the most pointless conversations and there’s usually a bar and little sleep involved. We never get enough sleep.

I’m so sorry I keep digressing. It’s a bad habit, I know it I promise I do have a point in this post and I’m getting there, I’m just a little scattered brain right now.

Where was I? Medora friends, right. One of my best friends ever is a past Medora worker, MJ as we call her. We tag team a lot of stuff. Actually we tag team everything from about 250 miles apart, it’s hard to juggle that schedule. It really is, we didn’t plan that well. Anyway there’s another Medora worker named John. There isn’t many male workers in Medora so when you find a guy you keep him. If I had to compare it the lack of males to something it would be like trees in North Dakota. Few and far between.

We, MJ and I, like to mess with John. He takes it because he likes us and we don’t give him a choice. And when we find a subject we can use for a while, we do. We overdose it to death. Example being his ears. He kind of has Dumbo ears.

Now for the real reason of the post. All three of us are friends on Facebook and one night we were having a discussion on MJ’s wall about something with two other people and pancakes came up. I all of a sudden became hungry for pancakes and I went on John’s wall and blamed him because that’s what a Medora female employee does, blame the man. Then MJ comes on and starts blaming John for her hunger for waffles. I told you we tag team everything.

To make a long story short, it’s about a year later and MJ and I are still demanding our pancakes and waffles. To be specific, chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry waffles. We’re very specific women.

My question is, are we being to demanding of John. I mean he is in grad school getting his masters in Math education or something ridiculously hard like that but pancakes and waffles. They’re simple, they’re quick and John knows how to make them. Even if he didn’t go purchase them for us and send them to us. I mean he lives like a thousand miles away and we like mail. So not a big deal right?

No, it isn’t. I want my pancakes. All I want. I’d settle for just one small one. So if you see John, harass him for pancakes and waffles for MJ and I. We’ll appreciate it.

Thanks for reading all the way through if you made it and if you did I think I owe you a penny or something, we’ll come up with something. See you on the flip.

Are my pants dry?


I did something fun today….

I went to the drug store.

I have this special place in my heart for drug stores. I am not sure why. It’s kind of weird but I just like the random things you find in a drug store.

At the mall that I am now almost done working at, there’s a drug store and the drug store had a special on some cooking spices. I was like okay I’m early for work and I need some spices. So I walked myself down to the drug store. That made me sound older than five didn’t it?

Anyway, I was excited to find random stuff. I got my spices, I got a dvd, a thing of embroidery floss so I can finish my table runner and some snacks for the day. I was soooooo excited about the deals I found. They were good deals if you were wondering.

Then I was like, how much do I need these things. Probably not desperately, I believe I need air more. That’s what I believe and what I have been told all my life, so there could be a contradiction out there somewhere.

Anyway, I worked my shift and got a hold of one of my oldest friends and was like hey let’s go out and then she was like well I have plans all ready to go out and eat with friends but come along. I had to be talked into it because I didn’t just want to crash.

For the SECOND time in ONE day, I was excited. This girl is one of my best and oldest friends. We didn’t wear each other’s diapers, but almost, just off by like 10 years. A decade isn’t long right?

For everyone’s information, it was a birthday dinner for someone I didn’t know. How awkward is that? “Hi! I’m Megan and I’m crashing your party” That’s pretty much what I said. He was cool with that. I don’t know why but he was. This group was cool, I laughed a lot. Food was good, service not so much. We sat there for 2 hours almost unnecessarily. Great bonding experience with total strangers.

With all this excitement, I’m surprised I didn’t pee my pants. I didn’t I’m dry and potty trained.

I’m glad I get excited about random things like this. If it took quite a bit for me to get excited, there wouldn’t be any fun in life I think. This way I get a bonus or perk all the time. I can now go take a shower and fall asleep to a movie happy. That’s all I can say.