I think I lost a hand, Can you give me One?


I was having a hard time thinking of what I wanted to post today. I just could not find any inspiration. Then I had a lightbulb moment.


He’s Jamie and Claire’s foster son. And how do I feel about him? He’s definitely not my favorite character but probably the most endearing.

Here’s some background information on Fergus. So, if you don’t like spoilers stop reading. He’s a French orphan that Jamie picked up in a brothel in Paris when Fergus was little. He marries Marsali, Jamie’s step-daughter, who is 15 when she marrys the 30-year-old. He has his hand cut off at one point. I won’t tell you what happens in book seven because that is a major spoiler.

Here’s my opinion on Fergus, or Claude which is his real name. I’m not a fan. With my first read through of the books, I thought he was annoying. As a child, he follows Claire and Jamie around. That I get, he’s a kid and Jamie and Claire are like his parents. But as an adult I was like get a job, hippie. After he gets his had cut off and gets married he get’s this “Oh, woe is me” attitude, that I really found annoying. And the married part, she’s half his age and practically his sister, ummmmmm, that creeps me out a little. But they are good together and I do like Marsali for the most part.

I had a discussion one time with a lady that I worked with that had read the books and she disagreed with me she liked Fergus, or fungi, whatever.

Then I started to sympathize with him. The second read through I was like, he has a hard life and I like him. I’m not in love with the character as I am with some of the others, cough Jamie cough young Ian cough, but I’ll live.


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