Say Hello to my Little Friend


So I was on yahoo today. Remember the last post I had about yahoo? It was about marriage. I kind of felt a little disappointed in it. I found another article.

This one is about what children born in this year will never know. Some of the things on the list make sense and I can just brush it off like it’s nothing. Like Video tapes. Those things are pretty much obsolete now. The separation of work and home, my dad’s a farmer, he lives at work, nothing new.

The one thing that pretty much broke my heart was books, magazines, and newspapers. I’m a reader. I like things in my hand that I can read. They said that books will exist but like book stores are slowly dying out. Going to the book store for me is the best part. You get to see all different kinds of books or find a particular author. I really can stay in a bookstore for hours. It’s not a joke.

Then I ask what’s going on with our world. Everything is digital, which is fine for some people but I think that there are some things that shouldn’t be digital, like books for most people. I realize that digital books are a big deal now and that they’re useful and what not, but some of us would rather have a dead tree in our hands. If I lived in a state that has trees I might feel differently about that. I’m okay with stuff being simple and being what some people would call rustic.

If you want to read the article here it is. It really does make my day a little worse. Thanks yahoo, it started off as an okay day.


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