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Have you ever wondered where words and phrases come from?

I didn’t until I started college and became a history minor.

I’m going to majorly digress here with stories so jump to the bolded spots if you want random facts.

I have always liked history. I have always been pretty decent at history. This is the time I will put in a random story. My junior year in high school I had to take American History. I sat in the middle of the room in the back. It was never a problem for me to learn in the back. I could pay attention, no matter what. Anyway, I’m a soft-spoken person and my history teacher would NEVER hear me. So when I would know the answer to a question I would always lean forward to Devin, the guy who sat in front of me, and tell him the answer so he could answer. Why didn’t I just speak louder? I don’t know, maybe I was incapable at the time of actually using my vocal chords.

Anyway back to this history minor thing. My freshman year of college, my first semester, I took Western Civ 1 and then Western Civ 2 the next semester it was with Dr. McCormick. This guy was cool. I sat in the back again and near the door just in case I was running late, it’s a good idea, so if you aren’t in college yet, take note. Anyway he would always come in humming. Never failed, hummed every day. This guy could retire if he wanted, but I hope he never does. He’s a great teacher. He still remembers me to this day. When I work in Medora and he sees me, it never fails that he gives me crap about still working there.

Random Fact One thing I learned in this class is the origin of a phrase is “Mind your P’s and Q’s.” In medevil times, in the pubs, beer and ale were served in pints and quarts and whenever someone got out of hand the bartender would say “Mind your P’s and Q’s”.

My sophomore year of college wasn’t great when it came to learning random facts. I took North Dakota Freaking History, there’s not much random here that would really catch anyone’s attention because it’s North Dakota.

I then transferred schools and was an official history minor. I had to take U.S. History from Dr. Frank Varney. He’s another teacher I really like and shouldn’t stop teaching. He’s originally from New Jersey and moved out here just to teach. He’s still a funny guy. As one student said in a review “It’s like going to hear stories from your grandpa”.

Random Fact During the Civil War there was a General Hooker. Hooker liked him a little somethin somethin on the side. Actually it seems to me that it’s a little more than a little because prostitutes would follow the camp and they were known as Hooker’s girls and then just cut down to Hooker.

I know that some of my useless information is just that useless. But if I’m going to work in a museum then I can be a professional useless information person. Mary, my Sunday School Teacher, knows a lot of useless information and would be extremely proud of me.

That’s all I have, I’m going to go to sleep.


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I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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