I want a Professional Pirate to say ARRRRR!


So because I am one pissed off tired girl right now, this post won’t be very long. Unless I get going, then it might take forever. I won’t get into the subject matter of what I’m pissed off about but let’s just say, I’m not a fan of my family right now.

I know that’s a little hard to comprehend because usually, I’m all for family. I like family gatherings, I like hanging out with my family most of the time. But I’m tired so I get to be angry at them for just this one moment in time. It’ll be brief, I promise.

On a happier note, the world is still turning, skies will eventually be nice and blue.

That doesn’t make me feel any better and right now, with my mood, I don’t want that to make anyone feel better.

What does make me happy is that I saw my librarians this morning. I was up really early and had to leave early but I go to see them. Now it’s late and I regret getting up early. I want to sucker punch early in the balls. Make sure it doesn’t have children.

Is that a little violent? I sure hope so because I feel violent. Which is saying something because I do mornings. I’m usually a fantastic morning person, when I get sleep.

I realize this post doesn’t make any sense so thanks for reading. Come back real soon. I’ll be in a better mood, I promise.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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