All Right! Who’s hand is….. Oh Hi honey!


I haven’t talked about the Outlander series in a while and it came to mind today. One scene in particular.

There’s this scene in one of the later books and there’s this big get together at the main character’s place. Jaime and Claire were sleeping in separate places with a group of people of the same sex. This scene is at night and Claire is half asleep and someone starts feeling her up. Now Claire is attractive. Every man seems to want her so if it were me, I would be kind of suspicious about who’s randomly feeling me up, when I am half asleep, in a room full of women. She assumes it’s Jamie.

Why in the hell would you just assume it’s your husband. When you are overly attractive, it could be anyone who’s feeling you up. Really, Claire, you’re a doctor, you’re not that dumb. Even at half asleep, you’re not dumb.

If it were me I would kick the crap out of the guy because who needs a little extra pleasure that much that they couldn’t just yank me out into a quiet area and have me there, I wouldn’t mind as much. But then it has been quite some time since my last meaningful relationship so what the crap do I know?

I’m surprised with all the blogs and posts I have come across, no one has touched this scene of the books. It’s kind of random and you really do wonder who’s feeling Claire up but it’s almost like you just assume it’s Jamie as well. That’s what makes you feel kind of weird and dumb is that you are believing with her that it’s her husband.

Then again, I wouldn’t mind Jamie Fraser feeling me up. I think that it would be quite pleasant. Big sigh, I love this family. Or wait they’re fictional, I love this series….


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