Pancakes or Waffles? BIG Decision.


WARNING!!!!!! If you can make it through this post I’ll give you a penny.

I have some pretty good friends. I love them completely. They keep me laughing and getting through the day.

I have several groups of friends. I have the pre-college, first two years of college, last two years of college and Medora friends. My funnest and probably my favorite group of friends is hands down is my Medora friends. Medora provides summer jobs, so lots of college kids blowing off steam and hanging out at the bar even underaged people are at the bar. That’s really convenient then you know if you’re looking for anyone they’re at the bar and you know which bar of the three they’re at usually. It’s a convenient system.

Soooo, Medora friends are the best to have fun with and they usually stick to you like glue. Whoa oh Whoa oh stuck like glue. Name that song and artist, you might get a prize. It’s something big like my undying love. Medora friends are fun, we established this. We have the most pointless conversations and there’s usually a bar and little sleep involved. We never get enough sleep.

I’m so sorry I keep digressing. It’s a bad habit, I know it I promise I do have a point in this post and I’m getting there, I’m just a little scattered brain right now.

Where was I? Medora friends, right. One of my best friends ever is a past Medora worker, MJ as we call her. We tag team a lot of stuff. Actually we tag team everything from about 250 miles apart, it’s hard to juggle that schedule. It really is, we didn’t plan that well. Anyway there’s another Medora worker named John. There isn’t many male workers in Medora so when you find a guy you keep him. If I had to compare it the lack of males to something it would be like trees in North Dakota. Few and far between.

We, MJ and I, like to mess with John. He takes it because he likes us and we don’t give him a choice. And when we find a subject we can use for a while, we do. We overdose it to death. Example being his ears. He kind of has Dumbo ears.

Now for the real reason of the post. All three of us are friends on Facebook and one night we were having a discussion on MJ’s wall about something with two other people and pancakes came up. I all of a sudden became hungry for pancakes and I went on John’s wall and blamed him because that’s what a Medora female employee does, blame the man. Then MJ comes on and starts blaming John for her hunger for waffles. I told you we tag team everything.

To make a long story short, it’s about a year later and MJ and I are still demanding our pancakes and waffles. To be specific, chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry waffles. We’re very specific women.

My question is, are we being to demanding of John. I mean he is in grad school getting his masters in Math education or something ridiculously hard like that but pancakes and waffles. They’re simple, they’re quick and John knows how to make them. Even if he didn’t go purchase them for us and send them to us. I mean he lives like a thousand miles away and we like mail. So not a big deal right?

No, it isn’t. I want my pancakes. All I want. I’d settle for just one small one. So if you see John, harass him for pancakes and waffles for MJ and I. We’ll appreciate it.

Thanks for reading all the way through if you made it and if you did I think I owe you a penny or something, we’ll come up with something. See you on the flip.


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