Who Invented Internet?


I realized today, actually a few minutes ago, that I am an internet junkie. That’s right, an internet junkie. On my days off, I feel like the need to check my e-mail all the time, to check my favorite sites all the time. That’s a problem. People aren’t going to Facebook me all the time, sites don’t usually change in five minutes. It would be interesting, however, to post every couple of seconds. I mean like Post every thought, like Twitter times 100 million.

I see a major problem with this. This takes away from pretty much everything. This takes away from

READING I am not as far in The Three Musketeers as I should be. I should be at least half way through it by now and having more great thoughts about it. But no, I’m checking Facebook to see who is engaged.

EMBROIDERY I have SOOOOOO many projects started I should be finishing. I have like 2 or 3 wash cloths that need to be done. But no, I’m checking What Ree Drummond is doing in Oklahoma.

FINDING THE RIGHT APARTMENT I need to live somewhere, not with my parents. I looked at some yesterday. EWWWWWW. I looked at one and thought “How long do I have to clean to go bare footed or sit or sleep here?” There was one that was really expensive and really nice. I was sad that I couldn’t afford it.

FINDING THE PERFECT MAN Yeah, I want to get married. If I had this one I wouldn’t have to worry about the one above now would I? But no, Carol and Tracey talk about the Outlander series and make me happy.

CLEANING My parent’s place could be so much cleaner since I’m home but no. I choose to be looking at books at goodreads. Books or books on the internet? Both make me happy but neither gets me cleaning.

I really do have a problem don’t I? I need a support group or something. I need a support group for a lot of things. This is now my most recent thing I find that I need a support group for.

I really wish that internet didn’t exist sometimes. I could get more done. Who invented it really? It’s useful but overly so. GAH!

So in my last attempt at a cry for help before I go insane. Someone. Help me…….Please………Someone? Is anyone out there? I am useful to you?


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