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Yup, there it is.


So you know those random comments that just make a person think. Not necessarily a deep thinking but just thinking that just makes you wonder things. I’m in that process right now.

Today L, me and a board member were talking about our sale and etc. And our board member were talking about how we moved to the town and how that was big and L said how she’s technically moving two people because of her husband. And I looked at her and said “I can’t do that”. Which I can’t, I’m not married. I’m okay with that. I really am. And then we mentioned how many eligible guys are just running around the big B-town.but here is where I’m thinking.

Claire was 26 when she met and married Jamie Fraser in “Outlander”. She was originally married to Frank at like 19 somewhere in there. She was rarely afraid of the intimacy of marriage. She was more apt to be apprehensive of the intimacy, which is understandable for some of the situations she went through.

Now don’t get me wrong, Claire is one tough woman. I mean she was a WWII nurse. She saw some gruesome things. But still tough. But she likes her some intimacy. I admire that.

Then there’s Jamie. He was my age when he met and married Claire. A virgin and being in FRANCE with the ARMY from SCOTLAND, that’s pretty spectacular.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not scared. I’m cautious. I mean I have to live up to Jamie and Claire. They’re fictional, they’re not real, they’re bigger than life. I shouldn’t have to worry about living up to them. So, I won’t. I’ll just live.

They went that Way….


So, I like “Glee”. I’m not one of those overly in love with GleeKs that lives and dies for “Glee”. I mearly enjoy the show and watch it every week at work.

Don’t tell my board that.

I don’t think they would mind however, they know how dead it gets here.

I will, also, read an article about the show. If it sounds interesting I will read it.

This article comes from Yahoo. I have talked about Yahoo several times and have had mixed feelings about the articles. They range from really dumb to somewhat intelligent. I have never gained a lot of knowledge from Yahoo, but like “Glee”, it’s entertaining. But usually with Yahoo I hit my head for some odd reason. Like fusteration or in anger or in how could I forget.

The article was about the forgotten stuff or people that were in “Glee”. It was a kind of a “oh yeah” article. You forgot some of the things that happened and when they are brought to the forefront you’re like “Oh yeah”. Here is some of the things that make you go “Oh yeah”.

Sunshine What the hell? Girl’s got a voice, she didn’t suck at acting. Bring her back, bring her back. Rachel really needs someone to give her some competition. Not that the other girls don’t give her any competition, but the guys got Sam the girls got what’s her face. Give the girls someone with a stellar voice.

The Deaf School and the School for troubled girls okay, they were in two episodes each last season. Where did they go? Did the clubs get canceled after they lost the competition. I mean the deaf kids might not have heard the news, (sorry that was inappropriate) and the girls probably wanted to steal the show. (Sorry that was really, really inappropriate) I say maybe bring them back? Just an idea. Take it, leave it, let it rot.

Remember Finn’s Friend I know he has lots of friends but the disabled one. Did Finn dump him? I mean that’s cruel. The guy can’t move anything below his head. Suck. Then Finn dumps him as a friend. Double Suck.

Sandy The creeper that ran community theater….did he run away? Did he officially come out as gay because he was really overly feminine. Wait. Sorry that was wrong of me. But seriously, his obsession with Josh Grobin? yeah. That’s right. Josh Grobin. I have guy friends that wouldn’t really know the name. Sandy was obsessed.

Puck Dated Mercedes Yeah that’s right. I forgot. That’s all I have to say for that one.

Finn and Kurt LIVE together That’s right. They’re step-brothers. They don’t mention each other very often. You never see them at home anymore. What? I want so much more interaction from them. I mean they got some bonding time in before Kurt transfered. So bring it back please FOX.

Okay that’s my rant. Thanks. Thank you Yahoo for entertaing me one more time and for making me hit my forehead with “how could I forget’s”

Do I have a say in my life here?


My job takes me to a small town. Which is okay, I don’t have a problem with that, I know small town mentality, etc. I understand that people are nosy and overprotective in small towns. Yeah I understand, but not always accepting of that. But also with my job, I get a board. My board is pretty good. I get along with pretty much all of them.

One of my board members has a husband. Well, several of them do but still, one has a husband. I like her. She’s a sweetheart, she feeds me, she makes sure I’m warm (actually all of my board does this), etc. Her husband on the other hand, kind of gets on my nerves.

Now D is okay. But he has no tact. D isn’t on the board but he sure tells us what he thinks needs to be done. And not usually in a gentle way. He’ll say something like “Now, you have to do it this way because that’s the most economical, okay?” or “Maybe I just won’t pay my income tax” My God, really. I really have to take him with a grain of salt and I don’t have the patience for him sometimes.

I grew up on a farm, I haven’t hid that fact, from ANYONE. Least of all my board. I think that was a factor of me getting hired. With this (being a farm kid), and driving for a number of years and watching the weather and having eyes to look outside, I know when it’s okay to go and drive, when it’s an eh day to drive and when it’s not a good idea to drive and when it’s a hell no drive. Today was a hell no drive.

I was home this weekend because my birthday is coming up on Tuesday and we’re closed most of Monday because of President’s Day but we are open for a while in the evening. My intention is to go back tomorrow afternoonish. That was always the plan. Okay that’s said.

I had posted on Facebook that I didn’t like the weather and that I wanted to get back to B-town for work. Now my female board member was like well don’t come back now come back Monday and I was like that’s the plan. Her husband gets on and was like “DON’T COME BACK, we have 13 inches in our driveway.” Okay that’s a little overdramatized but not much.

Now, I’m blonde, but not an idiot. And when I decide not to drive, it’s for good reason. I’m almost 23, I’ve been making decisions for some time all ready. Let me make my decisions for myself, I appreciate the effort but don’t tell me information in a way that insults my intelligence, really. My parents don’t tell me specifically what to do. They give me opinions but never tell me specifically what to do.

Does this mean that I’m overly independent or that he is overly domineering? I don’t know. I think that at my age, I can be independent. I can make my own choices, that’s what my parents have raised me to do. I think that is what every kid needs to do, make their own decisions with guidance.

Then There’s Miss Havisham….And Vampires


Last night I had a dream. Actually it was this morning because I woke up at like 4 from this dream.

This dream kind of scared me.

I didn’t move this dream scared me. It went a little like this…

I was hanging out and all of a sudden my and my little sister (that I don’t have) were being chased. We were running and running from whatever it was. It was epic and I was out of breath. Then all of a sudden there was this girl trying to help us. And this girl was like “You need to get your sister out of here” and all of a sudden I was on my steps back at the farm in the middle of summer and there was this horse-drawn carriage coming up our road. Now here’s the kicker, the horse-drawn carriage didn’t have a horse drawing it. it was just moving.

Does that mean I have troubles or that I have issues with horses? I mean I did fall off a horse when I was 11 and really haven’t gotten back on….Something to think about.

Anyway Miss Havisham was the woman in the carriage. If you didn’t know, she’s the crazy chick in Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. I wasn’t to sure about this sending my sister with a crazy but I sent my sister off. Then all of a sudden this girl turned into L, my co-worker, and we were at the museum and I knew that who was chasing was really a vampire. A really ugly vampire with a scared face. And I knew I was being the one chased and not my sister and that I was being chased for a while. Anyway, L and I were working on displays in the museum. Then I peeked around the corner and there was the vampire coming to get us and he was wearing one of those grungy trench coat and he just looked grungy all around.

Is that what normal vampires outside of “Twilight” look like, grungy?

I looked at L and yelled “RUN” and she looks at me and goes “What?” and so I yelled it again and she was like “Oh no” and so we were running around the museum trying to get away from the vampire and then we had this genius idea to go into our back room. There’s 2 doors to get into the way back. We got through the first door but the second door we couldn’t. We didn’t have the keys. Then the vampire came in. He was all calm about this. Like it was nothing to kill us. Then I woke up, right before we died.

Is this dream normal? I feel like it isn’t. But then is there ever a normal dream? It’s a good thought to contemplate on.

What Do I DO?


So because I get so much trust around here, I’m at work alone today. I don’t mind. I just creep myself out in the museum, all by myself. I can do stuff or not do anything and it’s all up to me. I like this power.


Yeah there’s a but. I don’t know what to do with myself. Well that’s a lie. I do know what to do, it’s just I can do it tomorrow as well. See, I don’t want to overwork myself, haha, and I don’t want to run out of things to do, hahahahahaha. So what do I do? I resort to watching tv on my computer. How lame am I? At the moment, considering that I’m watching “Corner Gas”, I’d suppose, I’m pretty lame.

But at least I’m keeping myself entertained? At least I have a job.

There’s a lot of “At leasts” I could come up with. But I don’t. It would take to long. I think. I could probably take up a lot of time.

What’s that Holiday?


It’s Valentines Day. I didn’t remember until about the middle of my usual morning ritual of jamming out in my bathroom, with my computer, while getting ready. What’s really sad is that I went to a Valentines Day banquet last night. Yeah I’m a little sad when I don’t process things.

Is it wrong for me not to want to acknowledge this holiday? Now I understand that I don’t have a special someone to spend it with or someone to at least dream about.


That’s a lie.

His name is Jamie Fraser and he was born in the early 1700’s and he’s a fictional character. “Outlander” if you were wondering.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I don’t have any significant other. But sometimes I feel like this is a totally pointless holiday that just benefits corporations. I know that’s not a very original thought.

It would be different if I had someone to spend it with because I would be someone and probably want an excuse to be romantic with him. But still, I think I’m one of those girls that I don’t want a special gesture on a specific day. Surprise me with a gesture randomly. And I don’t need a gesture just once a year or just on holidays just surprise me with something. It’s not that hard. I’m easy to please. I like little things. I promise.

So, therefore, point of this post. I am not recognizing Valentines Day anymore. Because really, it shouldn’t matter.

I am here, Right?


I was thinking. It’s a dangerous thing I know but it happens.

I just moved to this small town and started a new job.

There is so much to deal with. There’s the adjusting to the new town, getting used to the small town again, the new job, being an adult and not living in campus housing. There’s the how do I pay to keep myself alive? How do I work at the magnitude of professionalism because being in a museum means you have to keep so many different entities happy, I’ve never had to be this professional before. There’s so many things to figure out and recently I have been asking myself if I had made the right decision. I mean did I take this job to hastily because I needed a job and it sounded good? And I had a crazy idea the other day, that since I’m in a small town, what if I can’t find the right guy and don’t get married? If you haven’t figured this out by reading some of the other posts, I want to get married and poop out some babies. Not now understandably but eventually.

I have learned, or had the thought last night, I’m still kind of learning that I am here for a reason. I know that I have been talking about work a lot lately but it has kind of taken over my life lately. Anyway back to my original subject. Part of the reason is because I need to grow up. I’m turning 23 soon, it’s time I need to be an adult and figure out my life and not totally rely on my parents. That’s what growing up is right, learning what you have two feet right? And I will get married, eventually, and we will have children. Things will happen, I just need to let them go to a degree.

I do enjoy my job as much as it gives me headaches with trying to make this museum better than it is. I just wish I had my life figured out better. That will come with time. I know, I just like a plan and to know what is coming. This is a good job. I just need to settle. I can do this. Life is tough but I can handle it.