I thought I had this down.


I haven’t posted in a couple days….I’m sorry. Does that mean I’m a bad person? I sure hope not because I have an excellent reason. It’s sooooo good, I mean it.

I was working. I was really working hard.

I got this job as an assistant manager of a regional museum in southwestern ND. This town is practically the cornerest of corners of North Dakota. There may be one town that is more of a corner but I doubt it.

It has been a very long couple of days. This has been the first day off in a few days but it totally feels like it’s been about a month of work. I realized that it was a lot of sucking up and hand shaking and kissing babies but it kind of hit me in the head like a 2×4. The other day, no lie, after wind chill, it was -42 degrees and we were running around like chicken with their heads cut off and keeping warm.

The lady that is right above me is totally unlike me. I’m a stereotypical North Dakotan German from Russia. I don’t like touching and when I say that I mean I don’t like hugs, I’m stoic like, distance is good. The first thing this girl does is give me a hug and gushes about how excited she is, with very elaborate hand gestures and all around crazy energy. Ummmmmmm yeah at least she has the over-abundance of energy. I’ll just have to keep her in line and get her to focus. We decided that I’m taking care of the German people and she will take care of the touchy feely people.

This job has taken over my life to an extreme measure. I seriously crashed and slept hard for a couple of hours and was up by six both Monday and Tuesday. I have to be involved with boards and meetings and tourists and volunteers and finding a place to live and making sure my life is in order and that I’m still sane. This is going to be way harder than I thought it was. I like the job, but I have a feeling it’s going to overtake my life and I’m going to be underpaid and I won’t get enough hours to do what I want. That’s frustrating.

And to throw this out there. I interned at a museum this past summer and I emailed them about my job and how great they made me. I addressed it to both the manager and the assistant manager (that’s the job I have woop woop). I got an email this morning from the assistant there and she was like call me anytime with questions, oh by the way, the manager quit like 2 months ago to start her own business. Yeah, that made my mouth drop because I was in about November and I didn’t hear anything about it. But then how are you going to say that when your ex-intern that you had for 6 weeks pops in for like 5 minutes before a board meeting and was just a blurp in your life? I understand. I’ll forgive her just this once though. I’ll just have to get on her case if I ever run into her on the interstate going home. I don’t care.

Anyway, new job good. Stress, not so good. But that equals out, right?


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