Then There’s Miss Havisham….And Vampires


Last night I had a dream. Actually it was this morning because I woke up at like 4 from this dream.

This dream kind of scared me.

I didn’t move this dream scared me. It went a little like this…

I was hanging out and all of a sudden my and my little sister (that I don’t have) were being chased. We were running and running from whatever it was. It was epic and I was out of breath. Then all of a sudden there was this girl trying to help us. And this girl was like “You need to get your sister out of here” and all of a sudden I was on my steps back at the farm in the middle of summer and there was this horse-drawn carriage coming up our road. Now here’s the kicker, the horse-drawn carriage didn’t have a horse drawing it. it was just moving.

Does that mean I have troubles or that I have issues with horses? I mean I did fall off a horse when I was 11 and really haven’t gotten back on….Something to think about.

Anyway Miss Havisham was the woman in the carriage. If you didn’t know, she’s the crazy chick in Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. I wasn’t to sure about this sending my sister with a crazy but I sent my sister off. Then all of a sudden this girl turned into L, my co-worker, and we were at the museum and I knew that who was chasing was really a vampire. A really ugly vampire with a scared face. And I knew I was being the one chased and not my sister and that I was being chased for a while. Anyway, L and I were working on displays in the museum. Then I peeked around the corner and there was the vampire coming to get us and he was wearing one of those grungy trench coat and he just looked grungy all around.

Is that what normal vampires outside of “Twilight” look like, grungy?

I looked at L and yelled “RUN” and she looks at me and goes “What?” and so I yelled it again and she was like “Oh no” and so we were running around the museum trying to get away from the vampire and then we had this genius idea to go into our back room. There’s 2 doors to get into the way back. We got through the first door but the second door we couldn’t. We didn’t have the keys. Then the vampire came in. He was all calm about this. Like it was nothing to kill us. Then I woke up, right before we died.

Is this dream normal? I feel like it isn’t. But then is there ever a normal dream? It’s a good thought to contemplate on.


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