Do I have a say in my life here?


My job takes me to a small town. Which is okay, I don’t have a problem with that, I know small town mentality, etc. I understand that people are nosy and overprotective in small towns. Yeah I understand, but not always accepting of that. But also with my job, I get a board. My board is pretty good. I get along with pretty much all of them.

One of my board members has a husband. Well, several of them do but still, one has a husband. I like her. She’s a sweetheart, she feeds me, she makes sure I’m warm (actually all of my board does this), etc. Her husband on the other hand, kind of gets on my nerves.

Now D is okay. But he has no tact. D isn’t on the board but he sure tells us what he thinks needs to be done. And not usually in a gentle way. He’ll say something like “Now, you have to do it this way because that’s the most economical, okay?” or “Maybe I just won’t pay my income tax” My God, really. I really have to take him with a grain of salt and I don’t have the patience for him sometimes.

I grew up on a farm, I haven’t hid that fact, from ANYONE. Least of all my board. I think that was a factor of me getting hired. With this (being a farm kid), and driving for a number of years and watching the weather and having eyes to look outside, I know when it’s okay to go and drive, when it’s an eh day to drive and when it’s not a good idea to drive and when it’s a hell no drive. Today was a hell no drive.

I was home this weekend because my birthday is coming up on Tuesday and we’re closed most of Monday because of President’s Day but we are open for a while in the evening. My intention is to go back tomorrow afternoonish. That was always the plan. Okay that’s said.

I had posted on Facebook that I didn’t like the weather and that I wanted to get back to B-town for work. Now my female board member was like well don’t come back now come back Monday and I was like that’s the plan. Her husband gets on and was like “DON’T COME BACK, we have 13 inches in our driveway.” Okay that’s a little overdramatized but not much.

Now, I’m blonde, but not an idiot. And when I decide not to drive, it’s for good reason. I’m almost 23, I’ve been making decisions for some time all ready. Let me make my decisions for myself, I appreciate the effort but don’t tell me information in a way that insults my intelligence, really. My parents don’t tell me specifically what to do. They give me opinions but never tell me specifically what to do.

Does this mean that I’m overly independent or that he is overly domineering? I don’t know. I think that at my age, I can be independent. I can make my own choices, that’s what my parents have raised me to do. I think that is what every kid needs to do, make their own decisions with guidance.


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