They went that Way….


So, I like “Glee”. I’m not one of those overly in love with GleeKs that lives and dies for “Glee”. I mearly enjoy the show and watch it every week at work.

Don’t tell my board that.

I don’t think they would mind however, they know how dead it gets here.

I will, also, read an article about the show. If it sounds interesting I will read it.

This article comes from Yahoo. I have talked about Yahoo several times and have had mixed feelings about the articles. They range from really dumb to somewhat intelligent. I have never gained a lot of knowledge from Yahoo, but like “Glee”, it’s entertaining. But usually with Yahoo I hit my head for some odd reason. Like fusteration or in anger or in how could I forget.

The article was about the forgotten stuff or people that were in “Glee”. It was a kind of a “oh yeah” article. You forgot some of the things that happened and when they are brought to the forefront you’re like “Oh yeah”. Here is some of the things that make you go “Oh yeah”.

Sunshine What the hell? Girl’s got a voice, she didn’t suck at acting. Bring her back, bring her back. Rachel really needs someone to give her some competition. Not that the other girls don’t give her any competition, but the guys got Sam the girls got what’s her face. Give the girls someone with a stellar voice.

The Deaf School and the School for troubled girls okay, they were in two episodes each last season. Where did they go? Did the clubs get canceled after they lost the competition. I mean the deaf kids might not have heard the news, (sorry that was inappropriate) and the girls probably wanted to steal the show. (Sorry that was really, really inappropriate) I say maybe bring them back? Just an idea. Take it, leave it, let it rot.

Remember Finn’s Friend I know he has lots of friends but the disabled one. Did Finn dump him? I mean that’s cruel. The guy can’t move anything below his head. Suck. Then Finn dumps him as a friend. Double Suck.

Sandy The creeper that ran community theater….did he run away? Did he officially come out as gay because he was really overly feminine. Wait. Sorry that was wrong of me. But seriously, his obsession with Josh Grobin? yeah. That’s right. Josh Grobin. I have guy friends that wouldn’t really know the name. Sandy was obsessed.

Puck Dated Mercedes Yeah that’s right. I forgot. That’s all I have to say for that one.

Finn and Kurt LIVE together That’s right. They’re step-brothers. They don’t mention each other very often. You never see them at home anymore. What? I want so much more interaction from them. I mean they got some bonding time in before Kurt transfered. So bring it back please FOX.

Okay that’s my rant. Thanks. Thank you Yahoo for entertaing me one more time and for making me hit my forehead with “how could I forget’s”


Leave me comments Yo!

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