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Plus one.


I come back to yahoo. I really should change my homepage. Some of their articles just kind of make me annoyed or think but today annoyed.

This article is about places you should take your kids on vacation that are fun and educational. I was like this is a good idea for an article. And it is. So I started looking through the list pretty much expecting the ND or SD Badlands on it. I mean Medora in the ND Badlands is overly educational and a ton of fun. But no. Neither of them were on the list.

Who’ a little disappointed?

If you guessed me that’s right.

I want to make my own list.

1. MEDORA, ND Yeah that’s right Medora. You’re pretty saturated in history and it’s a ton of fun and there’s a musical at night that, yes, I do make fun of, but I get to because I was there forever. But it’s a good musical and really educational and they have a kids part of the musical.

2. I don’t have a 2 Take that the rest of AMERICA.

My ANGRY Eyes.


Yesterday and today (actually just this morning, this afternoon was okay) were kind of a bad thing for me. Now I usually don’t have days I will say are bad but those 36 hours were kind of bad.

I found something out at work that just kind of rocked my world professionally and that was the first bad thing. I really just wanted to shake someone after I found this thing out. I won’t say what it is, but with my background, it just boggled my mind. After that I just didn’t want to deal. I had someone come in that I don’t like and had to be fake friendly. Everyone knows the type, the overly perky “HI! How can I help YOU?!??!?!?!?!?”, tilt head with the overly enthusiastic smile on your face from start to finish.

I have to say that the one good thing of my day yesterday was having a long conversation with my bff MJ. I had called her earlier in the day and left a message that I had a list of things that were bad about being an adult (she’s still in college). We played phone tag for a while and the last time I left her a message I said “tag you’re it….I WIN!!!!” We talked for over an hour and we made a phone date for next month. That was happy.

Today, I had to stop in at the other job before I opened up the museum and I got the kind of feeling that “Well, we’ll take you, but are you sure you want to work here” five seconds later “We want workers and team players” Seriously, you’re going to be picky and make me wonder if you really do want me? I’m the kind of girl who if I don’t want the job I’ll tell you no and I did have another job offer, I’m sure they’ll still take me.

Anyway that set me off and I got to work and finished an audio book that I had checked out from the library. It was super sad. Lately, I’ve been picking real loser of books. I mean go back and read my review of The Host. That’s the caliber of books I’ve been getting. I just cannot find a book that’s “OMG, I want to read this book until the end of time”. Then I get this book and there’s just sadness all over the book and with the way I was feeling (which is overly womanly, see the English degree of me is really bothered by the phrase overly womanly but that’s exactly how it feels.)

So, with being “Overly womanly” and bomb drops at work, frustration at work and my book situation, it was a not so much fun 36 hours.

Last night, other than my long phone call, I checked out movies from the library. “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Persuasion”. Last night I watched, Tales. I knew people were killed in that movie and I was angry feeling (“and I’m packing your ANGRY eyes” Name that movie.) so I watched it.

I’m all better now if anyone is wondering. I really am. I swear.

Oh Spring


Spring does funny things to me. I don’t lie, it’s true. L has seen this a lot in the past week-ish.

See I’m a farm kid.

That should explain a lot but for those of you who don’t know any farm kids, I’ll explain.

Farmers plant things, right? Farm kids help out their farmer parents. So I helped out. Most of the time I was in the house making meals, cleaning house, fielding calls, doing laundry or baking, I mean that’s just a few things that I would be doing. But I would get to go outside and help every once in a while. One of my favorite things to do was take the pick-up and go run out to a field or pasture.

~Side Note~ Last night I was hanging out with L and her friend and his roommate came by and the roommate was just learning how to drive and he’s around my age if not a little older. The first time I drove I was….well I was young and didn’t have my license and there’s a lot more other things that I could say there but I won’t.

Planting will be starting probably late April to early May. It’s the middle of March, it’s coming quick. I’m really excited for planting. I mean not seeing the guys sucks but I always am fascinated by the process of growing things. It’s soooo….amazing. How you could start with one little seed and then by the end of the summer, if all goes well, it’s full-grown into the plant, whether it be corn, wheat, sunflowers or whatever. I really want a garden. This happens every spring. I don’t know the first thing about gardening and I don’t have anywhere to start a garden but I really want one. I want to grow things. I feel like it’s in my blood as a farm kid.

And spring means new calves too. My parents have about 30 calves on the ground all ready. Granted they have about 270 to calve out but still yea for new-born calves. I would take a calf over a full-grown cow/heifer/bull any day. They’re so cute. And then sometimes you have to bring one into the house because of the weather or some physical reason and you stick you lip out and want to start making baby noises at them because they’re so dang cute.

There are so many new starts in spring. Everything is starting to wake up. Including a person’s spirit. After the cold weather the nice weather makes me antsy. It makes me not want to be outside and I wish I had taken a job that I was outside more. Epic sigh.

I love spring.

I like…..hmmmmm…. A Lot.


Isn’t it weird that some things stay with us? When I say things, today I mean books. Usually that could mean a number of things, but today it means books. I can be specific every once in a while. It happens about 50 percent of the time.

Today during church I wasn’t paying attention. I can’t help it. I wasn’t really into the message. That happens every once in a while. I’ll look like I’m really into what you’re saying but really I’m thinking of something else. Anyway, I was thinking during church while subconsciously counting how many times the woman said um (it was about 35 and that was unconscious counting). I was thinking about books I’ve read. It’s a somewhat long list. But more specifically, I was thinking about the books I enjoyed way back in the day. Here is some of them.

Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard. About a little girl at the turn of the century in….South Caralina? It’s been a while since I read them so give me a break. I loved these books when I was a pre-teen. I still love them. They are simple and easy and entertaining and good wholesome books for young girls, I just wish I know where they are. I haven’t been to find them. Actually the last time that I think I saw them was in high school. But they’re good. Everyone should read them.

Arleta Richardson books. She wrote books like “In Grandma’s Attic” and “More Stories from Grandma’s attic” They’re more historical fiction books about young girls. They’re literally stories about a grandmother’s childhood. They were good books. But I really don’t read them now or are interested in them now like the Mandie books.

Ann Rinaldi. She writes about young adults, more specifically young women during, different wars. She does a lot with the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. All these young adults are pretty good examples for young people or that’s what I tell myself. I tell myself a lot.

Now you know what books really interest me. I have always been a sucker for historical fiction. I always have and always will. These three authors I would have every little girl read them, I’m kind of a snob. I make people read certain books and insist they like them and then get hurt when they don’t.

I also loved the “Babysitter’s Club” and “Sweet Valley High” series. I wouldn’t make young girls watch these for the reason that they are dated. They’re pretty ’80’s and early ’90’s. Kids now wouldn’t understand some of the references and some of the phrases. Does that date me? Yeah, it probably does but I don’t care because they’re guilty pleasure books.

I also realize that these books are pretty girly. But the men that I grew up with never really forced their literature on me. My grandma and sister just put books in front of me and said read. So I suck at young male literature. If I ever had a boy I wouldn’t know what to have them read. I don’t even know what to tell my nephew to read. I have often wondered what they read. I don’t have any guy friends that are avid readers like me so that just screws me out of that knowledge.

Anyway, go read those books, they’re good, in my opinion. But I won’t get mad if you don’t like them.

Let’s be Frank, here.


So last night I was laying in bed. I do that often. I was just really laying there I wasn’t sleeping yet because that two-hour nap yesterday. I love the random days off so I can take random naps and do nothing. That doesn’t happen very often anymore. But I enjoy it. I wish I could do more of it. Work is overrated most days. Wait, I don’t mean that, I enjoy work most days.

Anyway, I started to go through “Outlander” in my head. I didn’t get very far. I started thinking about Frank. He’s one of those characters that you don’t actually hear talk much but you definitely have an opinion about him. At first I was like I like Frank. He loves his wife and very passionate about his job. But the more I read the series the more my opinion changed. Let’s start at the beginning.

The first meeting of Frank is pretty much at the beginning of “Outlander”. They’re in Scotland. He’s researching HIS family. Granted Claire is not the kind of woman to wonder too much about her family, even though she didn’t know her parents really. But it’s all about him during this trip. It’s all “Claire let’s take a second honeymoon, but hey we’re going to Scotland to research one of long-lost relatives. Oh and we’re going to have sex now”. It’s so selfish of him. During my re-reads Frank made me upset at this point because of his selfishness. I know Claire doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t want to, but still, not cool.

Then Claire’s trying to get back to Frank. Okay, that’s legitimate. I’ll let her do that because she doesn’t know what a dippy he is.

But what bothers me is that he starts sleeping around in the 3 years that she is gone. Okay after a while you move on from your supposed dead spouse. But I wonder if 3 years is enough. I mean if he was as desperate in love with her as he seems, he wouldn’t start sleeping around until like 5-7 years. I mean if my future husband dies (heaven forbid) I wouldn’t start sleeping around for a long time. And I wouldn’t be sleeping with a bunch of people. But that’s just me.

Oh and what was in the later books with wanting to take Bre away? I mean, she’s not his child. He raised her as his own but obviously not his. It’s not his right to take Bre to England. Bre is to much of her father and mother’s child to do something against her will. I’m glad he was noble enough to raise her but I hate that Frank, I really do.

And he moves away to America to save his career. I mean I get that but how do you think that made Claire feel? I would want to sucker punch him. But I see the point that he didn’t want to risk her going away again. I would think that he would want to let her go because of all his affairs. But anyway.

I don’t understand that Frank kept on having affairs. Bree saw that and hmm that’s a healthy relationship for her to see.

Even though I think Frank is a jerk, I would like to know more him. I think it would be interesting for there to be a mini-series of the 3 years Claire was gone. Things to think of.

Originality Please.


~~Major Spoilers~~

I just listened to the audio version of “The Host”. Before I tell you what I thought of it, let me tell you what I thought of “Twilight” because they’re by the same author.

“Twilight” had this way of bringing me in and driving me to finish the series. They’re definitely y.a. but there’s something very intriguing about them. I read them after a lot of my friends bugging me about reading them. I enjoyed them for oh about 2 months and then I was like this is not something I want to like anymore, or should I like anymore because I am getting my degree in English and I like me my challenging lit.

Now to “The Host”. Ugh the love story is exactly like “Twilight”. 2 men in love with “one” woman. Now in “The Host” it’s a little different because the one woman is really the 2 in one, so it’s a little different. I realize when you write a novel with love, it’s sometimes a little hard to come up with something inventive. Maybe that’s where the 2 in 1 woman came into play. But still as a “novelist” that has created books that are loved by many people create something new that will surprise them, not just use the same formula because you know that it will work. Duh anyone can tell you that. If some of your loyal fans don’t like it maybe you’ll just get a new fan. Wait is that a bad thing? No I don’t think it is.

Now for the characters. I love ripping into characters. It’s one of the things I live for.

Jared kind of annoys me. I mean yes the circumstances changed his personality and love knows no bounds but still, what does Mel see in him. He’s all like “Oh Mel, I love you, but let me put your body in danger and not consider what you’re going through. Oh yeah I’m going to kiss you now.” At the beginning I was like Mel deserves him. But then wasn’t sure anymore at the end. But I do admire how he is a planner and can make a plan or a decision on a moments notice.

Then there’s Ian. He’s the kind of guy I would go for. He’s kind, he’ strong, he’s mighty mouse. I mean really good, big guy. I have no problems with Ian. The whole book I was rooting for Ian, why, because Jared’s a jerk. He’s a jerk, I can’t help it. But Ian’s nice. A name of an “Outlander” character. I was drawn to him. But then Jared is too. But you see more of Ian or of one Ian because there’s two.

Jamie. Now with my affection for “Outlander” I was prepared to love him because of Jamie Fraser. But there was no strong love for Jamie. It was more like “my God kid, you’re old enough not to cry every other second about almost everything”.

Mel/Wanderer. I don’t know I thought they were both a little annoying at times. I get that you love Jared and you have the hots for Ian (I could have the hots for Ian, but since I wasn’t crazy about the book,it was ruined), but you could be killed and where will those feelings get you? That’s right absolutely no where. I would rather stay alive than be killed by the man I love. But then I’m chronically single. But with that, I know you could die and that horrible for you but still, suck it up, figure out something to do to prevent that instead of going to go shower without a guard or start to trust that Kyle (The bad guy) would keep his word.

I was pleased that Kyle got his own in the end. Oh it was entertaining to find out that he had started to feel something for the parasite.

The other characters I could live with because they’re characters thrown in to make it a tad more interesting. So I really could live with them.

I won’t obsess about this book, maybe on the fact how I will never read it or listen to it again. Other than that I really don’t care.

Where’s the Cowboy?


My dad is a good guy and he knows his children pretty well. Even as young children. When my siblings and I were young our dad made these predictions about us to our maternal grandmother.

My brother will be a farmer.

My sister will always land on her feet.

He wasn’t sure about me but he was pretty sure I was going to marry a farmer/rancher or cowboy.

Wanna know how we turned out? I didn’t think so. But I’ll tell you anyway.

My brother is a farmer, he farms with dad.

My sister has ALWAYS landed on her feet. Almost annoying really.

Me. Well, we’re still working on that one, or trying to figure out if it’s still going to come true. Dad was right about the other 2 and he might be right about me. I think it’s time for me to explain why that might be true.

I turn on the Western Channel sometimes when I’m alone. Not always. Just when there’s nothing else on tv and it’s oddly soothing to me. It reminds me of dad and when I lived at home full-time and times were simpler. I can probably identify more old school westerns than most people my age. Which isn’t a bad thing or a sign that I will marry a man in agriculture but it shows a comfort level that someone from the city might not understand.

I used to fight this prediction, a lot. Growing up on a farm, I know a lot of the struggles (even thought I was kind of a pathetic farm kid). But the older I got the more a pair of boots and a cowboy hat stood out to me. My best friend from high school will testify that one time we were in Fargo for a convention and there was a cowboy down the hall and I would give her a look like “Yup, I like him” every time I would see him coming or going from his room, which was all the time because he was going to the same thing.

Another reason is, the older I get the more I find that I’m more excited to go back to the farm. I don’t always appreciate the roads going to town but that is an occupational hazard.

Let me just throw out there I do have a cowboy friend. But I have never considered dating him because he’s like my brother. So therefore it makes me not desperate because I’m not dating my “brother”.

I think that my dad’s prediction will eventually come true. When that’s going to be a surprise. I like to keep people guessing, even if they don’t know me. I’m a donkey on the edge…(name that movie, go ahead, I dare you, Make my Day, name that movie. I could play that game for a long time. I really like that game.)