Where’s the Cowboy?


My dad is a good guy and he knows his children pretty well. Even as young children. When my siblings and I were young our dad made these predictions about us to our maternal grandmother.

My brother will be a farmer.

My sister will always land on her feet.

He wasn’t sure about me but he was pretty sure I was going to marry a farmer/rancher or cowboy.

Wanna know how we turned out? I didn’t think so. But I’ll tell you anyway.

My brother is a farmer, he farms with dad.

My sister has ALWAYS landed on her feet. Almost annoying really.

Me. Well, we’re still working on that one, or trying to figure out if it’s still going to come true. Dad was right about the other 2 and he might be right about me. I think it’s time for me to explain why that might be true.

I turn on the Western Channel sometimes when I’m alone. Not always. Just when there’s nothing else on tv and it’s oddly soothing to me. It reminds me of dad and when I lived at home full-time and times were simpler. I can probably identify more old school westerns than most people my age. Which isn’t a bad thing or a sign that I will marry a man in agriculture but it shows a comfort level that someone from the city might not understand.

I used to fight this prediction, a lot. Growing up on a farm, I know a lot of the struggles (even thought I was kind of a pathetic farm kid). But the older I got the more a pair of boots and a cowboy hat stood out to me. My best friend from high school will testify that one time we were in Fargo for a convention and there was a cowboy down the hall and I would give her a look like “Yup, I like him” every time I would see him coming or going from his room, which was all the time because he was going to the same thing.

Another reason is, the older I get the more I find that I’m more excited to go back to the farm. I don’t always appreciate the roads going to town but that is an occupational hazard.

Let me just throw out there I do have a cowboy friend. But I have never considered dating him because he’s like my brother. So therefore it makes me not desperate because I’m not dating my “brother”.

I think that my dad’s prediction will eventually come true. When that’s going to be a surprise. I like to keep people guessing, even if they don’t know me. I’m a donkey on the edge…(name that movie, go ahead, I dare you, Make my Day, name that movie. I could play that game for a long time. I really like that game.)


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