Originality Please.


~~Major Spoilers~~

I just listened to the audio version of “The Host”. Before I tell you what I thought of it, let me tell you what I thought of “Twilight” because they’re by the same author.

“Twilight” had this way of bringing me in and driving me to finish the series. They’re definitely y.a. but there’s something very intriguing about them. I read them after a lot of my friends bugging me about reading them. I enjoyed them for oh about 2 months and then I was like this is not something I want to like anymore, or should I like anymore because I am getting my degree in English and I like me my challenging lit.

Now to “The Host”. Ugh the love story is exactly like “Twilight”. 2 men in love with “one” woman. Now in “The Host” it’s a little different because the one woman is really the 2 in one, so it’s a little different. I realize when you write a novel with love, it’s sometimes a little hard to come up with something inventive. Maybe that’s where the 2 in 1 woman came into play. But still as a “novelist” that has created books that are loved by many people create something new that will surprise them, not just use the same formula because you know that it will work. Duh anyone can tell you that. If some of your loyal fans don’t like it maybe you’ll just get a new fan. Wait is that a bad thing? No I don’t think it is.

Now for the characters. I love ripping into characters. It’s one of the things I live for.

Jared kind of annoys me. I mean yes the circumstances changed his personality and love knows no bounds but still, what does Mel see in him. He’s all like “Oh Mel, I love you, but let me put your body in danger and not consider what you’re going through. Oh yeah I’m going to kiss you now.” At the beginning I was like Mel deserves him. But then wasn’t sure anymore at the end. But I do admire how he is a planner and can make a plan or a decision on a moments notice.

Then there’s Ian. He’s the kind of guy I would go for. He’s kind, he’ strong, he’s mighty mouse. I mean really good, big guy. I have no problems with Ian. The whole book I was rooting for Ian, why, because Jared’s a jerk. He’s a jerk, I can’t help it. But Ian’s nice. A name of an “Outlander” character. I was drawn to him. But then Jared is too. But you see more of Ian or of one Ian because there’s two.

Jamie. Now with my affection for “Outlander” I was prepared to love him because of Jamie Fraser. But there was no strong love for Jamie. It was more like “my God kid, you’re old enough not to cry every other second about almost everything”.

Mel/Wanderer. I don’t know I thought they were both a little annoying at times. I get that you love Jared and you have the hots for Ian (I could have the hots for Ian, but since I wasn’t crazy about the book,it was ruined), but you could be killed and where will those feelings get you? That’s right absolutely no where. I would rather stay alive than be killed by the man I love. But then I’m chronically single. But with that, I know you could die and that horrible for you but still, suck it up, figure out something to do to prevent that instead of going to go shower without a guard or start to trust that Kyle (The bad guy) would keep his word.

I was pleased that Kyle got his own in the end. Oh it was entertaining to find out that he had started to feel something for the parasite.

The other characters I could live with because they’re characters thrown in to make it a tad more interesting. So I really could live with them.

I won’t obsess about this book, maybe on the fact how I will never read it or listen to it again. Other than that I really don’t care.


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