Let’s be Frank, here.


So last night I was laying in bed. I do that often. I was just really laying there I wasn’t sleeping yet because that two-hour nap yesterday. I love the random days off so I can take random naps and do nothing. That doesn’t happen very often anymore. But I enjoy it. I wish I could do more of it. Work is overrated most days. Wait, I don’t mean that, I enjoy work most days.

Anyway, I started to go through “Outlander” in my head. I didn’t get very far. I started thinking about Frank. He’s one of those characters that you don’t actually hear talk much but you definitely have an opinion about him. At first I was like I like Frank. He loves his wife and very passionate about his job. But the more I read the series the more my opinion changed. Let’s start at the beginning.

The first meeting of Frank is pretty much at the beginning of “Outlander”. They’re in Scotland. He’s researching HIS family. Granted Claire is not the kind of woman to wonder too much about her family, even though she didn’t know her parents really. But it’s all about him during this trip. It’s all “Claire let’s take a second honeymoon, but hey we’re going to Scotland to research one of long-lost relatives. Oh and we’re going to have sex now”. It’s so selfish of him. During my re-reads Frank made me upset at this point because of his selfishness. I know Claire doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t want to, but still, not cool.

Then Claire’s trying to get back to Frank. Okay, that’s legitimate. I’ll let her do that because she doesn’t know what a dippy he is.

But what bothers me is that he starts sleeping around in the 3 years that she is gone. Okay after a while you move on from your supposed dead spouse. But I wonder if 3 years is enough. I mean if he was as desperate in love with her as he seems, he wouldn’t start sleeping around until like 5-7 years. I mean if my future husband dies (heaven forbid) I wouldn’t start sleeping around for a long time. And I wouldn’t be sleeping with a bunch of people. But that’s just me.

Oh and what was in the later books with wanting to take Bre away? I mean, she’s not his child. He raised her as his own but obviously not his. It’s not his right to take Bre to England. Bre is to much of her father and mother’s child to do something against her will. I’m glad he was noble enough to raise her but I hate that Frank, I really do.

And he moves away to America to save his career. I mean I get that but how do you think that made Claire feel? I would want to sucker punch him. But I see the point that he didn’t want to risk her going away again. I would think that he would want to let her go because of all his affairs. But anyway.

I don’t understand that Frank kept on having affairs. Bree saw that and hmm that’s a healthy relationship for her to see.

Even though I think Frank is a jerk, I would like to know more him. I think it would be interesting for there to be a mini-series of the 3 years Claire was gone. Things to think of.


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