I like…..hmmmmm…. A Lot.


Isn’t it weird that some things stay with us? When I say things, today I mean books. Usually that could mean a number of things, but today it means books. I can be specific every once in a while. It happens about 50 percent of the time.

Today during church I wasn’t paying attention. I can’t help it. I wasn’t really into the message. That happens every once in a while. I’ll look like I’m really into what you’re saying but really I’m thinking of something else. Anyway, I was thinking during church while subconsciously counting how many times the woman said um (it was about 35 and that was unconscious counting). I was thinking about books I’ve read. It’s a somewhat long list. But more specifically, I was thinking about the books I enjoyed way back in the day. Here is some of them.

Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard. About a little girl at the turn of the century in….South Caralina? It’s been a while since I read them so give me a break. I loved these books when I was a pre-teen. I still love them. They are simple and easy and entertaining and good wholesome books for young girls, I just wish I know where they are. I haven’t been to find them. Actually the last time that I think I saw them was in high school. But they’re good. Everyone should read them.

Arleta Richardson books. She wrote books like “In Grandma’s Attic” and “More Stories from Grandma’s attic” They’re more historical fiction books about young girls. They’re literally stories about a grandmother’s childhood. They were good books. But I really don’t read them now or are interested in them now like the Mandie books.

Ann Rinaldi. She writes about young adults, more specifically young women during, different wars. She does a lot with the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. All these young adults are pretty good examples for young people or that’s what I tell myself. I tell myself a lot.

Now you know what books really interest me. I have always been a sucker for historical fiction. I always have and always will. These three authors I would have every little girl read them, I’m kind of a snob. I make people read certain books and insist they like them and then get hurt when they don’t.

I also loved the “Babysitter’s Club” and “Sweet Valley High” series. I wouldn’t make young girls watch these for the reason that they are dated. They’re pretty ’80’s and early ’90’s. Kids now wouldn’t understand some of the references and some of the phrases. Does that date me? Yeah, it probably does but I don’t care because they’re guilty pleasure books.

I also realize that these books are pretty girly. But the men that I grew up with never really forced their literature on me. My grandma and sister just put books in front of me and said read. So I suck at young male literature. If I ever had a boy I wouldn’t know what to have them read. I don’t even know what to tell my nephew to read. I have often wondered what they read. I don’t have any guy friends that are avid readers like me so that just screws me out of that knowledge.

Anyway, go read those books, they’re good, in my opinion. But I won’t get mad if you don’t like them.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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