My ANGRY Eyes.


Yesterday and today (actually just this morning, this afternoon was okay) were kind of a bad thing for me. Now I usually don’t have days I will say are bad but those 36 hours were kind of bad.

I found something out at work that just kind of rocked my world professionally and that was the first bad thing. I really just wanted to shake someone after I found this thing out. I won’t say what it is, but with my background, it just boggled my mind. After that I just didn’t want to deal. I had someone come in that I don’t like and had to be fake friendly. Everyone knows the type, the overly perky “HI! How can I help YOU?!??!?!?!?!?”, tilt head with the overly enthusiastic smile on your face from start to finish.

I have to say that the one good thing of my day yesterday was having a long conversation with my bff MJ. I had called her earlier in the day and left a message that I had a list of things that were bad about being an adult (she’s still in college). We played phone tag for a while and the last time I left her a message I said “tag you’re it….I WIN!!!!” We talked for over an hour and we made a phone date for next month. That was happy.

Today, I had to stop in at the other job before I opened up the museum and I got the kind of feeling that “Well, we’ll take you, but are you sure you want to work here” five seconds later “We want workers and team players” Seriously, you’re going to be picky and make me wonder if you really do want me? I’m the kind of girl who if I don’t want the job I’ll tell you no and I did have another job offer, I’m sure they’ll still take me.

Anyway that set me off and I got to work and finished an audio book that I had checked out from the library. It was super sad. Lately, I’ve been picking real loser of books. I mean go back and read my review of The Host. That’s the caliber of books I’ve been getting. I just cannot find a book that’s “OMG, I want to read this book until the end of time”. Then I get this book and there’s just sadness all over the book and with the way I was feeling (which is overly womanly, see the English degree of me is really bothered by the phrase overly womanly but that’s exactly how it feels.)

So, with being “Overly womanly” and bomb drops at work, frustration at work and my book situation, it was a not so much fun 36 hours.

Last night, other than my long phone call, I checked out movies from the library. “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Persuasion”. Last night I watched, Tales. I knew people were killed in that movie and I was angry feeling (“and I’m packing your ANGRY eyes” Name that movie.) so I watched it.

I’m all better now if anyone is wondering. I really am. I swear.


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