Plus one.


I come back to yahoo. I really should change my homepage. Some of their articles just kind of make me annoyed or think but today annoyed.

This article is about places you should take your kids on vacation that are fun and educational. I was like this is a good idea for an article. And it is. So I started looking through the list pretty much expecting the ND or SD Badlands on it. I mean Medora in the ND Badlands is overly educational and a ton of fun. But no. Neither of them were on the list.

Who’ a little disappointed?

If you guessed me that’s right.

I want to make my own list.

1. MEDORA, ND Yeah that’s right Medora. You’re pretty saturated in history and it’s a ton of fun and there’s a musical at night that, yes, I do make fun of, but I get to because I was there forever. But it’s a good musical and really educational and they have a kids part of the musical.

2. I don’t have a 2 Take that the rest of AMERICA.


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