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I like when It takes my breath away


So, I’m a Charlotte Bronte fan. In particular Jane Eyre. I did my senior paper in college on the book. Really, it was about the 3 major influences on Jane’s life and how it affected her life with Mr. Rochester, those being Mr. Brockelhurst, Helen and St. John. I watched the four HOUR masterpiece theater movie of it when I was done with finals and watched it until two in the morning. I like me my gothic novel, especially Jane.

So, I love it.

Today I was looking at my copy of Jane Eyre, which I think was published in the ’80’s and it’s pretty beat up. I mean I’ve only read it like a million times. So no big deal, I’ve only beat it up a little bit since I got it in the seventh grade. Then I started to wonder….

What would I say if I had a first edition of Jane Eyre in my hands? I would be speechless. Might not be able to breathe. It would be serious. I might need mouth to mouth.

Okay, I exaggerate a little. But I think I would be lost for words. I mean Charlotte beats out Jane Austen in my book. I know people would argue that but back off. I like Charlotte, she created Jane and Mr. Rochester (even if he’s a jerk and I wouldn’t place her with him-hanging dangler- if you know what that means).

I like books.


My World has been Rocked


So L and I watched “Toy Story 3” tonight.


my world has been rocked.

I don’t think that it was a good rocked. It’s so sad and nerve-racking. I have a list.

1. Andy has grown up and

2. he has to give up his toys. These two is not fun. Growing up is never fun, don’t believe any of the books if they tell you it’s fun. Toys are important things in a kid’s life. They should be put into storage, if possible, for the next generation. I have a stuffed dog that was my mother’s, I love it.

3. The toys face the scariest trails ever. I don’t know how kids watched it in theaters, or how their parents dealt with the movie. I was at the age of really liking the first “Toy Story” came out and I think that the movies have gotten scarier as they go along. I mean (~SPOILER~) they almost go to a fiery death. How good is that for a little kid to see?

4. totally emotional ending Yeah, that’s right there were tears in both our eyes and neither of us is going through our month right now. It’s just that Andy donates them and is sad and then he goes thank you and they go see you partner after a day with playing with each other and you’re like that’s so sad. And yes I know how horrible that sentence is structured.

So that is how my world has been rocked. yuck.

What I’ve done


I took a nap today. For two hours. It was legendary. I don’t get to take a nap very often anymore. I’m not in college so therefore, I don’t have an excuse, like homework, to use to take one. I am under the impression that napping should be a 3 credit class in college. I would rock that class to the core.

This nap totally gave me this second wind that let me get a lot done. I made seven dozen cookies, cleaned, ran to the museum and made phone calls, took a really nice shower and THOUGHT about getting some embroidery done. My embroidery stares at me from across the room. I wish it wouldn’t. It’s creepy. Okay, I joke, my embroidery doesn’t really have eyes.