I like when It takes my breath away


So, I’m a Charlotte Bronte fan. In particular Jane Eyre. I did my senior paper in college on the book. Really, it was about the 3 major influences on Jane’s life and how it affected her life with Mr. Rochester, those being Mr. Brockelhurst, Helen and St. John. I watched the four HOUR masterpiece theater movie of it when I was done with finals and watched it until two in the morning. I like me my gothic novel, especially Jane.

So, I love it.

Today I was looking at my copy of Jane Eyre, which I think was published in the ’80’s and it’s pretty beat up. I mean I’ve only read it like a million times. So no big deal, I’ve only beat it up a little bit since I got it in the seventh grade. Then I started to wonder….

What would I say if I had a first edition of Jane Eyre in my hands? I would be speechless. Might not be able to breathe. It would be serious. I might need mouth to mouth.

Okay, I exaggerate a little. But I think I would be lost for words. I mean Charlotte beats out Jane Austen in my book. I know people would argue that but back off. I like Charlotte, she created Jane and Mr. Rochester (even if he’s a jerk and I wouldn’t place her with him-hanging dangler- if you know what that means).

I like books.


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