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My week of Epicness


This past week has been kind of epic, in two ways. Both have made me smile a whole bunch, brag a bunch and both have to do with the United States Postal Service. Let me preface this story by saying my brother and sister-in-law are the best Christmas gift givers ever. My family knows that when all else fails, give me a Barnes and Noble gift card. I can go crazy with it. I love Barnes and Noble. This past Christmas, I gave my family (or the gift buyers) a list of what I wanted because I realize I’m not the easiest person to buy for. My brother and sister-in-law gave me a gift card. That makes them my favorite. That way I can get what I want.

Two weeks ago, I went on and ordered 2 things. These two things were the movie “7 Brides for 7 Brothers” and a book that I haven’t heard of “The Cathedral of the Sea”. Here’s a little info on them.

“7 Brides for 7 Brothers” is a musical movie made in the ’50’s and my grandma had it on vhs when I was growing up. This movie and the old school version of “Heidi” were like the movies to watch when I was little at grandma’s. So therefore, I was getting it.

“The Cathedral of the Sea” is a book written by an Italian and an international bestseller. Obviously, I got the version that’s translated into English because I know a little Spanish but that’s not Italian and my Spanish sucks. My teacher wasn’t great and plus I really didn’t care, I just needed 16 credits of a foreign language and Spanish wasted 8 of them. But on the plus side I’ve never gotten lower than a B on a foreign language.

This week I went to the post office on Thursday afternoon. I got my movie. I smiled and showed it off at work and at the library because the ladies at the library are nerds like that with me. I also got a card saying that I had a package at the post office. Well because I have a job that won’t allow me to get to the post office when the window is open (well I can do it it’s just not with much time), I just barely got in there in time and it was my book. But I got it. It made my Friday. I showed it off.

Those are the two things that made my week A-mazing.


Mr. Creeper


I keep random lists. Grocery lists, lists of men who make me not want to produce children, lists of people on Facebook and goodreads.

Wait…did I just say men who make me not want to produce children? Yeah, I did. It’s not a big list but it’s there. I find it sad that I have a list such as this but it’s there, it’s sad and I hate it.

What are my qualifications for this list? I’m glad you asked because here it is.

1. Gut Reaction This accounts to about 80% of my decision. I have been known to be wrong with this one though which leads me into number 2.

2. Conversation Yeah if the conversation turns weird it’s a no go and you’re on the list.

3. Actions In the off-chance that you get through the first two this one will definitely break the deal for me. If you do something weird like pick your nose at the table (okay, bad example) or start using straws to make yourself a walrus at the age of 25 you’re on the list. If it’s someone I know and I know the reason behind it, it’s not as big of a problem but don’t do something like that when I first meet you.

I know this is kind of a weird thing keep track up but it’s a list and I like lists. Whatever..

He deserves a sigh.


I like men, that’s not a secret. I am not one of those girls that are like “I like men, I must sleep with them all” because I’m just not that girl. I just appreciate men. This prefaces something, I sear. I do have points, even though dull points at times.

I read a blog, I won’t name it because–well, I’ll get to that in a second. Anyway, the writer talks about one of the guys that works for them. There’s a picture. Every time I see a picture or something of the sort, I cock my head, smile, sigh and stare. I don’t mean to but I do. The thing is, I don’t know this guy personally. I just know him through reading this blog. It almost keeps me going to the blog. Well not really because the writer is hysterical….aaaaaannnnddd has good recipes. The guy is just a perk. I just like to stare at him blankly.

Then it makes me start thinking about marriage. Not that I have any options as of right now. But it’s nice to think about it. This is true.

I don’t want to tell the site because then I feel like I have to share them. I know that I’m protective over a man that I don’t know so I shouldn’t be but I am. End story.



So I’ve had some random dreams lately. Every once in a while I’ll get this random spurt of dreams. I had two last week. And I’m going to tell you about them because I can.

The first one was the night before I gave a tour, anyway, I was at work before the tour of a bunch of school kids and I was prepping for it. Then suddenly two of my board members come in and were like “Hey, I missed the museum and wanted to come and hang out. So I’m going to go on the tour.” And then they proceeded to make fun of me on my tour. It wasn’t helpful. I then woke up. It didn’t bother me to much because I know my job, I know what I’m doing on the tour most of the time.

The second dream was a little bit more serious. It was on Saturday night. In the dream I was pregnant. By who, I don’t know, but I was extremely pregnant. I was worried about the labour and then all I remembered was blood. End dream. That’s reassuring isn’t it? I woke up a little worried about this dream. I take dreams like that seriously. They scare me. Especially when I’m being extra hormonal. Yup, I have a tendency to act like a woman every once in a while.

Yay me.

Then I go to church and the sermon talked about how dangerous it was for Mary to be pregnant. Sigh.