Monthly Archives: July 2011

Getting to Know Myself.


I am slowly finding out who I am and who I am not. Things that I can do and things that I can’t. I will always be finding things I find out about myself. It’s a process of getting to know oneself. It’s the same thing with a spouse or a friend or a family member; as well as you think you know them, you will always find something new or find a new quirk.

Here is what I have learned recently.

I am not cut out to work at a bank. I could have said this at the beginning but I thought I could learn. Anyway, that job might not work out as well as I had thought. Sigh.

I have a hard time following through with a story. I had this idea in my head and I wrote it down and er, um, yeah, it’s stayed there and I stare at it awkwardly.

I have an obsession with cowboys that isn’t healthy. That’s another thing that I kind of known for a while. But I thought I’d throw that one out there. On Sunday I had a couple of Brazilian cowboys come in and I was happy about it. Well, they were cowboys and they had the nicest brown eyes ever.

4 weeks without a day off is tooooooooooo much. I need days off for recuperation.

With the one above, I haven’t been a good friend lately. I don’t have the time to make sure that my friends are okay and the such. Unfortunate but true.

I don’t ever want to lose a spouse. I’m watching someone go through it right now and I don’t want it.

Small towns can get on my nerves but I don’t mind. Random story. I needed a saftey pin the other day at work and the drug store is around the corner and they didn’t have a saftey pin. It ruined my life or day at least.

That’s all I have for right now. Hope you enjoyed.


Ugh Life.


So I also work at a bank. Right now that’s ALL the socialization I get. You hear that ALL of it I bitter right now, so hence the exaggeration of ALL. Anyway.

We have decided that this town is not real life. There aren’t many young, attractive, single men that make a decent living here. There’s some that meet some of those qualities but not many. We have decided that since we aren’t in “Real Life” we can eat what we want.

But, because in all reality it is real life, we realize the following: We can’t eat whatever we want, we’ll gain weight, I mean we are female and that isn’t good. We also realize that, on the rare occurence, we do have an a man that meets all the criteria, usually pushed on me because I’m single.

There’s always fun in pretending we exist in non-real life, like in “Alice in Wonderland” but life is there. Life is staring us in the face with responsibility, and family, and obligations and situations we don’t like.

But it also gives us happiness, joy, guys with great eyes and great friends and family. With how crappy this day has been, I have to keep reminding myself that. I don’t have a bad life. It’s just complicated.

Please Don’t Complain.


So because today is July the 3rd and because I can, I’m going to complain.

I work a lot. I average 55 hours a week. Which is a really nice paycheck but kind of sucks when you want to have a social life. It makes me tired but I knew that would happen. I usually don’t complain about my jobs, other than a comment of my tiredness or at least I try not to complain.

At one of my jobs I work with a woman that’s about my age. She’s married and has an 11 month old child that’s the apple of her eye. During the winter she works about 12 hours a week and in the summer, she works about 30. When she is at work, she complains about how she doesn’t want to be there and how she wants to be with her kid. I get this she’s a mother. But I don’t want to hear about all your life trouble at work. It isn’t necessary. I really hate when she comes in because I have to listen to her complain about life and how life in a small town is so horrible. (really, I hate this, it’s a pet peeve. It was your decision to move here. Deal, don’t bitch) She is not a native NoDaker. Which isn’t bad but it means she has a different view, in general, of life.

The place we both work at was open from 9-1 yesterday and closed today and tomorrow. So since she has Tuesdays off she doesn’t work until Wednesday. So, basically, with her 4 hours yesterday she will have worked an hour a day for four days, if you want to spread it out.

Let’s compare this to me. My last day off was the 26th. I won’t have a day off again til the 10th. With the acceptation of today, I will work at LEAST 8 hours and today is only 4. All right, when I work it out I will have worked 110 hours in 2 weeks. compared to her like 60 in the same period of time. I get she has a child, that sleeps through the night now, but I’m guessing, I get just as much sleep as she does if not a little less and I drink alcohol way less.

Yesterday on Facebook her status was something to the extent of “I can’t believe I have to work over the 4th of July weekend”. I was sitting there and I was like Seriously? You worked 4 hours in one day, in the middle of the day. I’m working about 30 between Saturday and Tuesday.

My rebuttal? Changed my status to the likes of “Please be warned that if you want to complain to me it is not a good idea. I will be available after next Sunday when my 2 weeks of non stop working is done and I can take a nap. Thanks”

Today her status is “Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary emotions” Makes sense. Good advice. But still gets under my skin. She still annoys me because she doesn’t make any sense and she’s dumb.

I’m done complaining now. Thanks.