Ugh Life.


So I also work at a bank. Right now that’s ALL the socialization I get. You hear that ALL of it I bitter right now, so hence the exaggeration of ALL. Anyway.

We have decided that this town is not real life. There aren’t many young, attractive, single men that make a decent living here. There’s some that meet some of those qualities but not many. We have decided that since we aren’t in “Real Life” we can eat what we want.

But, because in all reality it is real life, we realize the following: We can’t eat whatever we want, we’ll gain weight, I mean we are female and that isn’t good. We also realize that, on the rare occurence, we do have an a man that meets all the criteria, usually pushed on me because I’m single.

There’s always fun in pretending we exist in non-real life, like in “Alice in Wonderland” but life is there. Life is staring us in the face with responsibility, and family, and obligations and situations we don’t like.

But it also gives us happiness, joy, guys with great eyes and great friends and family. With how crappy this day has been, I have to keep reminding myself that. I don’t have a bad life. It’s just complicated.


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