Monthly Archives: September 2011

They’re like my Children


With the museum I help run, there is also a museum store. I get to play with books and stuffed animals and all the sort. That is when I have the time for it. We recently decided that we need to renovate the museum store. Not a big deal, I can handle it. We’re just getting new bookshelves and getting rid of some of the old bookshelves and getting a rounder for the clothes and all while we put a new roof on the museum.

Have you ever dealt with getting a new roof on a building that echos?

I can now say that I have.

It isn’t all that much fun.

Anyway, with these bookshelves, my shelf space has decreased and I have the job of going through the books and deciding what can stay and what can go back to where we have it on consignment with. This is a time we recap me.

I have a flipping degree in ENGLISH LITERATURE!!!!!! And I kind of have a love affair with books

I have an issue giving back books even if they’re books that technically I’m trying to sell. They’re like my babies. I know it’s kind of a weird mentality to have an issue with giving books back that aren’t yours but it’s just with books that I feel like that and at the same time I push for people to get books.

Like I said it’s a little weird.

Books are my friends. I enjoy them. But I want to say that I do have human friends. That is all.