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A re-rant.


I have blogged about this before but this is a new rant. I’ve a had a day, bear with me.

I have respect for other people’s opinions and convictions. I really do. I have my own. But when they are uneducated or get to the point of stepping on others toes, I get offended. I was just reading my twitter updates and Lea Michelle (Rachel on Glee) is tweeting about the carriage horses that have gone down and died in NYC. I agree this isn’t right. These animals were not born to be a tourist mechanism. I worked in a tourist town, trust me, I get the stupid things that tourist places do for a buck. But it seemed like 3 out of 5 tweets were on her on this “atrocity”. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, people need to know about it. But I feel like she’s overdoing it. Again, I apologize, I have been having a day, it might be in my head that she’s overdoing it.

Then, through thought process, I went to the “I wonder if she’s ever been to a REAL WORKING farm in her life and know what it’s like to work?” Now I’m not saying as an actor she doesn’t work. It’s her profession and she’s good. But farming is a totally different kind of work. I laughed trying to picture her trying to drive a tractor or trying to herd cattle or trying to feed them. I have a hard time seeing her do it. I have a grasp of what kind of work goes into farming/ranching. I have a problem with people being outspoken about it, not that Lea Michelle has been outspoken about the profession but I have a feeling she would not be the biggest advocate for it. But I don’t know her, I could be wrong.




I was just re-reading my post from yesterday.

I’m sorry.

I’m NOT sorry for the opinion that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced way to quick, because she is. She made it a whole 2 and a half-ish months. I’m apologizing for all my grammatical errors.

If I were anyone else, I wouldn’t care. But I have a degree in English Literature and usually laugh at people who have horrible grammar. A couple of those people are ex-roommates of mine.

But I do sincerely apologize for having to read it. I’ll keep it just because it’s humorous and you can tell the kind of week I’ve been having.

Any suggestions on how to keep sanity?

At least I have Sense


I have this desire to get married. I’m pretty sure that’s clear. I’m also pretty sure that if I were randomly reading this blog I would hate me for complaining about my singleness. I mean I live with myself and it’s a nuicence. But I feel like it’s part of my purpose in life to get married and have babies.

With this being said I have to say, I’m not dumb.

A lot (acutally the majority) of my friends getting married and having babies. It kind of makes me jealous but we’re at the point where we do those things and just because I’m not doing it doesn’t make me any less of a person. And because of these LONG LASTING relationships, it makes me want to wait to find the right guy. Not just grab a groomsman and say we’re getting married.

This brings me to Kim Now-Kardashian-again. She was married 72 days before filing for a divorce. Worked real hard didn’t she? I don’t get it. Not just this Kardashian stuff but the marriages that last a second and are over.

I grew up with strong values and people that get it right the first time. I mean why is Kim Kardashian really getting a divorce? Well, there’s probably a lot of reasons for it but really I wouldn’t get into a marriage without being super positive that he was the one for forever.

I’m not trying to say that you can’t get married soon after meeting. You can know soon but I feel like celebrities are just into the show of marriage. It’s not like that.