Monthly Archives: January 2012

It’s not Ground Zero, but it’s Close.


I live alone. And for the first time that I’ve been blogging, I’m going to say “Thank God”. Someone marking this? Where’s my calendar?

I complain a lot about being single and how I want to get married. Which is still true because I feel like it’s my purpose to marry. And I prefer to get married to either an oil man or rich farmer (funny oxymoron right?)

Here is why I’m thankful that I’m single right now… I have about five projects going right now. I completely blame the internet for half of this. I have 3 knitting projects, 1 embroidery (that’s almost done, thank you very much) and now a t-shirt scrap rug.

Here’s the problem. When I start projects, they take over my life. For example, I’ve stayed up til about 12:30 a.m. the past two nights working on projects. Now in my defense, I did have a book discussion at the museum last night so I didn’t get home til about 9:30. So blame my love of literature for that.

Because I am single, I have the opportunity to develop skills and having a million projects are helping me hone in on these skills right? If this is the right mentality then I’m an amazing cook because my kitchen looks like it and all its cousins came and had a kegger and all threw up from the hangover.

So not do I have a messy kitchen that I swear I’m going to clean up but I have all this project mess that has taken over my living room. If my kitchen has cousins, my living room is a monster. I like personifying things. It makes my life more interesting.

So, yes that was my rambling for some questions.

Do I have to give up my messiness when I find someone? If I get a house with someone, do you think that they’ll let me have a room for all myself and my projects like Mark? (If you haven’t seen “Juno” you won’t get that reference) Will they clean up after me? Because that would be heaven…..for me.


Goodnight Friends! You’re Awesome! I believe in You!


This was a tweet tweeted by a high school friend of mine. I think it’s genius. I love when he tweets things. It makes me happy.

Did you catch the word genius in there? Because I used it. But before I tell you why it’s genius, let me talk some more.

I love when people randomly throw in a fact or statement in general conversation that has nothing to do with anything that you’re talking about. I try to do this as often as possible. Here is an example. One time in Medora, we were talking about what we were going to do during the off-season and we got on the subject of dream jobs when you were little. One of the girls wanted to be a flight attendant but she was too tall. The arm length that is required, if I remember right, is how tall I am. So we were talking and I was like “so you have to reach a Megan for it” and we went on. They caught it five minutes later. I look for every opportunity to throw people off like that.

Back to the tweet. One day I was going skimming through my tweets and I saw this and I skimmed down and I was like t for time people and I went back. It threw me off and that doesn’t happen much. Okay, that’s a lie it’s like once a day.

I think it is a genius statement though, because our world is so negative. And for a person who lives and works in a small town and spends a lot of time alone it’s hard to remember that you are valued and that someone believes in you. When you see something so random and positive like this it gets you off kilter and most of the time makes you smile.

I’m going to get really almost preachy on you here, please don’t take it as offensive because it’s not how it’s meant. It’s my opinion and right now my revelation.

God is always there. God is my biggest fan as much as my mother sometimes challenges it. God is there cheering me on in my successes AND my failures. In my frustrations AND my happiness. My awesomeness AND my un-awesomeness. There is never just one thing that God is there for. There always seems to be an “and”.

Sometimes it’s tough. A person wants to hear God ALL THE TIME! Right now, I’m a firm believer that God isn’t a big talker or very loud at times. I think more than often God gets “out-noised” by the cheering and booing sections in our heads. We never think about that when we are doing well because we’re in the middle of congratulating ourselves. But when life gets tough, how often are we in pity mode and we don’t take the time to say “God, direct me” and hear him saying “You’re fine, you are strong, you’re awesome, I believe in you and most importantly you are MINE”.

So when I see someone tweeting something like “you’re awesome! I believe in you”, I appreciate it because 1 it encourages me and 2 it throws me off and I take it to heart because for me it’s Christ-like (which for me is genius because really when was the last time you created generations and a physical world that have survived millenia?). And it makes me wonder who am I that Christ-like person for and why am I not consciencely thinking of it all the time? It’s probably because of the cheering/booing section in my head.

Yeah you just read my revelation. You’re welcome.