Monthly Archives: February 2012

I admit it…I have a problem


I have a problem…’s an addiction….The world calls it Pinterest.

I got one kind of on a whim. I never thought there was no chance I was going to use it much. I got one pretty much because I was wondering what the big fuss was about. Now I say, “My name is Megan and I have a Pinterest addiction”. Big sigh.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it supports my other hobbies and start new ones. I now have huge piles of knitting projects, crochet projects (I don’t crochet), sewing projects (my sewing is pretty rudimentary), I have new recipes I want to try. My Pinterest wardrobe is pretty stellar compared to my real wardrobe. I find myself taking a small 5 minute break at work and spending a half hour on it. No real getting done here. None. Someone needs to help me. Soon please.

I’m starting to find out that my Pinterest friends are A-mazing. I never knew they were so creative. I mean I knew they were creative and A-mazing before but now they’re even more A-mazing. I know, I know, you’re starting to say stop saying A-mazing. I mean I’m saying it to myself.

That’s all I really have to say about it…. For right now.

P.S. My birthday was yesterday….how come no one alerted me to becoming senile at 24? I have problems remembering things lately…..Maybe that’s just the past couple weeks I’ve had. More on that later.


I don’t have a Witty Title this time.


I have a confession…..I’m a constant singer. I’m known for it. Every job that I have pretty much remembers me because of it. I can’t help it. The music is in me. And then it bubbles over and comes out. In a non-grody kind of way.

The thing is, I grew up singing and I played 2 instruments (piano since the age 7 and trombone since age 10) and the easiest way for me to make music is to sing because I’m not lugging a trombone or piano around with me.

And I am very fortunate to have a job where I can play music on Spotify or Pandora. This only aids my addiction to singing. It really does. I should have to sit here in silence.

Now because music has been part of my life since the womb, doesn’t mean I get every genre of music. I don’t understand rap. I get there’s some musicianship to it but I totally do not see the whole picture, so I don’t enjoy it. There’s also the weird genres that make you wonder if you’re in some kind of techno evil fun house. Don’t see it there either. I used to work with a girl who would have some weird stuff on her Pandora and I wanted to shoot it in the vagina (sorry about the term vagina but I feel like it would have a vagina. Sorry for the term, mental picture and any nice squeaky picture you had of me, I’m not perfect but I’m working on it.)

I like music that you had to really work at it. I like more than 2 chords. But I do ashamedly admit I like some music that you want to hit your head against a brick wall because of. Examples are Backstreet Boys N’sync (I liked bsb better), Britney Spears the early years, Christina Aguilara, 98 degrees, groups like that. The ones that were popular back in the day when I was a 6th grader. Part of it is nostalgia I think. Now I look back and have a palm to forehead moment where I say “My God, smite them”.

Favorite music to play on the Piano….Classical
Least favorite music to preform…..Jazz (I never learned how to play jazz, I appreciate it, but can’t grasp how to play it)
Favorite to sing….worship, old school (e.g. Bryan Adams), country, not jazz (again I never learned jazz, haven’t heard much of it, hence I can’t grasp it. And I think you have to have a certain voice and you need to be strong vocally, which I am not.)