The Library Post


So I’m on this book kick. Again degree in English…don’t be a hater.

Yesterday after work I went to the library which is kiddy corner from the museum. Which is so convenient for me. I love my library. (Caution: Digression coming up)

Reasons I love my library.
1. It’s open 6 days a week. For a small town library-that rocks. My small town library wasn’t open 6 days a week, it was barely open at all. I think I went in like once.
2. Kids hang out there. Though it is for the computers, kids are at the library. YAY. I’ve always been an advocate of reading and starting at an early age (one day I’ll share my story about this) so even if it’s just for the computer, I’m excited to see kids in the library because it’s a start.
3. The Librarians are excited to see people. It’s so easy to walk into a busy place and the librarians are excited. I get a warm welcome every time. (maybe it’s because I help reshelve their books) And there’s more than one librarian, which is so cool for a small library.

Digression over.

Anyway, I walked over yesterday. After talking to Leah (the sort of children’s librarian) I went into the book sale room. (another reason I love the library). I love going into book sale rooms because the books are dirt cheap. At my library they sell paperbacks for a quarter. That’s right, A QUARTER. The book sale room is always my birthday gift to me.

There was someone in there all ready that had a stack of books in her arms. After seeing her, I was like a woman after my own heart. We got to talking and about this book sale room and how many books were packed in this room. There are hundreds of books in this teeny tiny room and we both wanted to jump for joy every time we walk in. Then we started talking about literature and I was excited because I thought I was pretty much the only avid reader in town that was around my age.

I ended up spending way more time in this room than I really needed. I got 8 books for $2. I love my library. I can’t say that enough.

Anyway. Point of this post. Support your local library. As much as I love personal libraries, public libraries are amazing resources for your community. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town like me or in a city. No matter how good your personal library is, your public library is so better stacked.

This is a long post for me and if you got to the end, thanks for sticking with it. I’ll start posting about other things other than books soon.


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