10 Things I Forgot to do After College.


Oh Yahoo, you’ve done it again…:)! I’ve done posts before on stuff from Yahoo but I haven’t done it in a while.

When I work on a grant I will every once in a while take a break from it. Today I was scrolling around and found this story. (Don’t worry, here’s the link! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-things-commencement-speaker-wont-040100167.html )

Some of these titles on this list are ridiculous, Like “Marry Someone Smarter than you” Which isn’t so ridiculous of an idea when you read the explanation to it but couldn’t they come up with something cooler to relate to recent grads? I mean grads work hard to get where they’re at, but entertain them. Today’s culture is all about the entertainment factor right? Or at 24 am I totally out of the loop?

Okay “Read Obituaries”? I mean I do when I do genealogy stuff at work but for an average person my age to just read the obits is kind of pointless and not always in the agenda.

Don’t model your life after a circus animal……that was a possibility for after college? Why didn’t anyone tell me that? I mean I would have stopped being a tiger a long time ago if I had known that it wouldn’t be profitable. Okay remember what I said about the marriage thing and the title? This is the opposite. That one is dumb.

They did mention Teddy Roosevelt in the article. I love Teddy, I have a stuffed Teddy in my apartment. I want to be great like him. Oh wait, this article tells me not to be great. I’m so confused. So it’s true, don’t confuse a blonde.

Then they go with the cliché and say don’t take your life for granted. And I was supposed to join a fraternity. Here I was so convinced that since I didn’t have guy junk I couldn’t join a fraternity. If I would have known I could have, I would have went to a college with a fraternity and I would probably be married by now.

I don’t have some big great point to this post, just bringing an article to people’s awareness. Tomorrow’s post might about my awesome dreams I’ve been having lately.


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