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It Always comes down to the Dragon


I got in a shipment of merchandise for my museum store today.

Side note – You would never guess how much of a debate there is over if it’s a museum store or a gift shop there is in the museum community. This seriously blows my mind how defensive some people are for one or the other title.

I ordered some dinosaur stuff because we were running low on some of our dino stuff. Makes sense right? Right, it does, I do have a tendency to be practical every once in a while. So, while I was on the phone ordering my sales guy, Danny, says “Oh, I’ll send you some free samples and if they sell, not a big deal, you order more”. I was like “That’s great! I like free stuff!” I had no idea what he was going to send me, which could have ended up really deadly.

I got the order today. And 2 of the 4 packages was what I ordered. One package was a really cool dinosaur banner and the other box was like a plethora of like goodness. I had all sorts of dinosaurs in there and all types of toys and there was an assortment good luck minis in there, which are cool. If you don’t know what a good luck mini is, look it up. Retail wise, I hate them but from a consumer stand-point, I love them.

Anyway, the thing that was in this box that blew me away was they sent me 2 dragons. Yeah, dragons. Like purple and blue and have wings to fly, fire-breathing dragons. I picked them up, looked them over, put them on the counter and yelled “HOW DO I SELL YOU?”. I was alone so I could get away with yelling in the museum. My museum is very fact base. We have a top paleontology program. I told Danny this and he sends me dragons.

I don’t hate dragons. Dragons and mythology around them and things like elves have a history of intriguing me. I just can’t sell them in my store and feel like I was legit. Now they can create a square with the frog and goat (who are the unofficial staff mascots) in the pile of stuff that we aren’t going to sell.

Danny tried, yes he did. He sent some legit stuff to me. I spent most of my day playing with this stuff and putting it out to sell.

Just thought I would share my experience with the dragons. Now “play” time at work will be a lot more adventurous.

Oh, Period Lit, I love you


I have mentioned a lot in the past month-ish or so about my background in literature. I have a degree in English and I kind of specialized in 1800-1850 and mainly with female, British writers. My background in American lit is weak. I always laugh because I emphasized in British lit and American history I mean I can get them to relate but I’m definitely stronger in Brit lit than anything else.

I only have one explanation with this. The first “adult” classic that I read was Jane Eyre.

Before I really get into the importance of this let me back up to when I was 11 and before. When I was little I liked when mom read me a story before bed but the older that I got, the more I didn’t care for reading. I was almost tom-boyish, my parents had to fight to get me to read. Then when I was 11, Memorial Day between my 5th and 6th grade year, I fell off a horse and broke wrist. That was a changing point for me because when I hit the 6th grade, I couldn’t stop reading because I got into the habit of it that summer because some of my regular activities were nixed due to a broken wrist.

So I read everything in front of me. Then, when I hit junior high, my sister got me a 1986 copy written copy of Jane Eyre. I was determined to get through this book. It was the first book that really challenged me. I mean, Amelia Bedelia at age 7 was challenging but Jane brought me to a whole other level. I loved and love this book. I did my senior paper on it in college. That copy my sister got me is pretty ragged now

That’s where my obsession started. It was kind of an undercurrent obsession until college. I went to a very small high school and I didn’t have any ap classes. I got to take college classes in high school but none that really challenged me. My English teacher did the best with what she had or has (she still teaches there).

I got to college and started out as a mass communications major, which was the wrong choice for me and I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone else was thinking, but try telling me that at 18. (It lasted half a semester) Anyway, I’m the kind of girl that likes to have a plan for her life and know what’s going on so I was scrambling for a degree. I can remember sitting in my mass comm. advisor’s office and she suggesting English for a degree because I liked to read and it hit me, “I should major in English”. (I take subtle hints like that) It was a good idea because I lived like a half mile from a Barnes and Noble and I loved it and my book collection was growing rapidly since I had moved to college.

I started taking English courses hard-core the second semester of my sophomore year. That’s when my love of this specific group of literature really got nurtured. I kind of knew what literature I had liked at that point but that’s really when I found my real love.

That first semester, I really questioned if it was right decision for me. Because I had 3 lit. classes and 2 of them were full of English majors that all ready were far surpassed me in discussing literature. I caught up though and I learned to be on their level.

Beyond Jane Eyre, favorite classics is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I like that one better than Sense and Sensibility because I find myself swooning more in P and P. I also don’t mind Wuthering Heights event though I kind of want to punch some, if not many, of the characters. I’m about to read Northanger Abbey again by Jane Austen. I’ve read the first chapter and I think I might like it better than P and P. But there’s more on the list.

I also have a reason why I like female authors better than the male authors of the time. I think it’s because women have a different way of putting things and I can understand that better. It’s not that the male authors don’t have a special place in my heart, it’s just being female, I understand how a female writes better. Just a theory. Not that it’s true.

I Have Been Left Hungry.


So, I did it. What did I do you may ask. Well here’s a list of what I COULD have done.

swam with a Beta Fish

had a discussion with a unicorn

Made a to-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty over the weekend.

But those are all wrong. Really, my life isn’t that non-existent that I would make a replica of the Statue of Liberty. No, I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I haven’t seen the movie because I’m one of those people that like to read the book first. Anyway I read the book. It didn’t take me long because it’s a simple book. There are spoilers so you have been warned.

I enjoyed this book. I take that back, I enjoyed the majority of this book. There were parts of this book that I sat there and I was like “What?”. Like in the third part and they start kissing to keep each other going. I mean really? I mean, I know they were supposed to be acting like their in love but I would rather the guy that I’m in love with like shake me or something. Kissing would not keep my attention. I have a little bit of ADD, I think, it comes and goes. Anyway, it wouldn’t have worked for me. But they are like 16 so that could have worked.

Another thing that I wished they would have touched on more and I didn’t realize it until someone mentioned it, I wished they would have talked more about the fall of the society before the districts. Maybe that will come in one of the other books.

I feel like some of these things are to advanced for a y.a. novel. I understand it to be a y.a. novel because who can understand what’s going on. With that I mean that it’s not simply written but it’s not difficult writing. But for me it’s not y.a. in subject matter. Children killing children is not something to have children read. Call me old-fashioned…

With that, how do you rate this book? Do you rate it on the writing or the subject matter. I didn’t hate the writing style I mean it’s y.a. writing and I am adult enough for the subject matter.

I was entranced by the book. It’s one of those books that just sucked me in. I was fascinated with the concept, it’s just that I don’t necessarily like the subject matter for some youner y.a.ers. I don’t mean to sound negative with everything.

Anyway back to the book. I finished the book today at work while I was on break and I came back out and I go, “I’m so mad, now I have to read the other two books”. I wasn’t expecting to like this book. My only fuss is that my library isn’t open today because it’s Memorial Day. Memorial Day is totally messing up my entire day. Not that I’m not appreciative of the true meaning of the day, it’s just everything is closed. Like the bank. And the coffee shop.

Anyway, read it. Even for just the experience.

The Crap Post.


I have made it clear that I live in a small town. I really like living in a small town, I really do. The town I live in is about 1500 and that’s bigger than what I grew up in but still small that you can know a lot of the people in town. But sometimes I need to get out-of-town to keep myself sane. So, last night I went to Dickinson.

There was something that was going on at the church I went to during college so I met up with friends there and afterword we went to Perkins because that’s what we do when I come to town. Last time I went up and we all went to Perkins, my friend Lindsey’s husband Daniel forgot to get a ride to Perkins so right when we got our food, she had to go pick him up.

Another thing about my friends is that there are always people that show up to eat with us that know my friends and I don’t know who they are. I don’t have a problem with this, it broadens my friend scope. It’s just that I tend to be quieter in these situations. There a few people that were there last night that I was not very familiar with, like in the past.

I love when I go out with Lindsey because she makes sure she’s sitting somewhere near me so that I don’t turn into a mute. Last night we were talking about the struggles of living in a small town because she grew up in the town where I am living now. I needed it because it’s tough to live in a small town that likes to drink when you really don’t drink and you don’t have many friends.

Anyway we were talking and then we turned our attention to the rest of the table and Lindsey’s husband Daniel starts talking about a joke the pastor of the church told and he starts telling this joke about a cowboy going to the dentist. The joke has the word testicle in it and being all very conservative at the table he paused and Lindsey was like just say it. Testicle was part of the punch line and we started laughing and then there was the other half and we laughed even harder.

Anyway, poop became the common denominator in the conversation and Daniel looks over at me and says “you should move closer so that you can talk about poop with us”. And then it was all over, we never recovered.

I was going to tie literature into this. So here it is. I wasn’t a fan of A Night Without Armor by Jewel. I think part of that was that I’m not a huge fan of poetry which is all that it is. I got it from my sister, who used to be a poetry snob, for my birthday and so I read it and eh. I hated Ahab’s Wife, or the Star Gazer by Sene Jeter Naslund. I couldn’t get into it, it was so boring for me. Twilight of the Superheroes by Deborah Eisenberg. What is that story really about, no seriously, what’s it about?

Well off to continue The Three Musketeers. Upward and onward

It’s Time to Bring the Piggy Bank Back


So I got these piggy banks today at my museum. I was talking to a board member when they came and I pulled one out and we were both like “AHHHH”. So Freaking cute! I just wanted to say that. I miss the days where it was okay that you used a piggy bank for your change, now that I’m in adulthood I have to use like a mug or something. Not that mugs aren’t legit but I miss piggy banks. I had a Rainbow Bright one, and I put tape on her knee when I was little because I thought she had a boo-boo. Anyway, on to what I really want to talk about.

Last night I was watching “Pride and Prejudice” with Kiera Knightly in it. Matthew MacFayden is so lovely in that movie, I think anyway. But I was thinking about the number of friends that I would have to explain the movie to. It’s a good movie on its own but there are undertones of early 19th century society that people don’t always notice.

I didn’t count many people. I then started to count the number of friends that would give me a lost look. That was a bigger number. Now don’t get me wrong, I have smart friends but when I start nerding out, they don’t follow or they don’t care. (I obviously need new friends right?)

Then I started missing college. I miss the intellectual conversations about literature that are laced with major English Lit. nerdacy and movie quotes from “The Princess Bride” (That happened once we had a class that was over IVN, tv school, and the system was down and we started quoting “The Princess Bride”, the professor even started in on it.) Anyway, I came to a conclusion. I need to move or be social and get smart friends here.(I’m going back and forth on this decision)

The longer that I’m here and out of college, I understand the importance of intelligence and surrounding yourself with people that will stretch your intellect. I almost hate that I’ve read all these great books since college and there’s no one I can talk to about. I love the town where I’m at because I like the small town setting, but I’m also missing the larger towns with 24/7 restaurants and supermarkets. I never thought I would say that but I am.

Anyway, I miss book discussions, intellectual discussions and being young enough to use a piggy bank shaped like Rainbow Bright (which I still use BTW).

Chart of my…..Heart? No, Just Chart.


I haven’t talked about Outlander lately. Don’t worry I still love Jamie and Claire.

Last night I took a shower. (This is relevant, just go with me) I do random thinking in the shower. As a Facebook friend said, “when I was little I’d sing in the shower…now its where I make my life decisions…..”, It’s true. I make lots of decisions in the shower. Last night while I was tipping my head under water (my shower is built into the wall and I have to slightly duck for my shower head that’s why I was tipping) I was thinking about the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and how freaking many people are in that series.

And what did I decided to do in the shower? Make a chart. And I started making it in my head. I decided to make a chart and write it out because it always seems when I want to explain a book or a series like this, I completely confuse the person I’m explaining to. So If I had a chart or something of that sort I would be able to explain it better.

Let me tell you, I didn’t get far because I was dead tired yesterday, it was late and I still had to piece together an afghan and I fell asleep not long after starting this chart. I have a feeling that I’ll make this chart more complex than it has to. I would find it funny if someone else did this and they actually carried it everywhere and talked about it in weird places like Perkins or Maurice’s. Someone should do that and tell me how that went.

Anyway, back to the books or buch if you’re German. I’m so anxious for the next book to come out. It’s like adult Christmas for me when these books come out. I know I only had to wait like a few months for the last one but still, like Christmas!

So that’s all I really wanted to talk about. I wanted to share my genius idea somewhere.

History Drives Me Crazy.


I have a minor in history. That really helped when I was getting my degree in English and obviously since I have a job in a museum, it helps me now.

The problem I DO have with having a minor in history and working in a museum is that I can’t watch the History Channel or the Smithsonian Channel or any channel that similar. I even have a hard time reading a non-fiction book now. I find this funny because I used to turn it to the History Channel and just have it on in the background. (the background is mostly why the tv is on anyway, then and now) The History Channel is even on when I go to my parents’ house and I walk out of the room when it gets turned there. History is my profession and I don’t want to deal with it when I go home. It’s like a nurse coming home from their shift at a hospital and then having to treat their friends. It gets old and it burns you out.

Don’t get me wrong, if it’s REALLY interesting, I’ll sit down and concentrate on it. I often wonder if I got a job relating to literature if I would feel the same way about literature. I’m scared to find out with literature. I wouldn’t mind getting a job writing though. That would be a fun experience I think.

I loved history and it still fascinates me to a small degree but it almost bores me. I hate that and I’ve never had that problem before. I want to fix it but I feel like the only way to do that is quitting this job and getting another not in the history profession. That would suck. I like the town that I’m living in. So I’ll take any suggestions to fix this.

Side Note- I haven’t talked about The Three Musketeers lately. It’s because I’m taking a break. I’ll resume soon though.

Sorry this is a little shorter than usual today, I’m tired and I struggled to think of even what to post today.