Let’s Talk About…..


I was going to post about how every time I feel the need to have children pronto, I come to work or throw a kids event at work but decided to go in another direction. But it’s true, work/kids events are the best form of birth control for me.

The one thing that kids and my post have in common today is sex. You need to have sex to have kids and there’s sometimes sex in literature and media. (surprising: Sex in the media…it’s not like we’re bombarded by it HA)

This post is definitely not the kind of post I usually do but I feel like it’s about time I talked about because well, I want to.

Before I go into the real post there are things I should get out-of-the-way just to make my logic more understandable to everyone else. First of all I’m pretty conservative politically. Second is, I’m a Christian. Both obviously affect/effect how I see the world and through that how I perceive literature.

I have no problems reading books with sex. Natural part of life. I have no problem reading a book with pre-marital sex. I know that it happens. If that makes me a liberal Christian, let it be. I would rather look at things realistically than have my head in the sand. I also know that fiction books are not real.

Recently in a post I asked for opinions on Fifty Shades of Gray. Since then I have done some research on goodreads, other sites, and people who have read the book. I have decided against reading it. Some of it has to do with the sex scenes. The people I have talked to, have not appreciated the sex scenes, which were the scenes I was most worried about for myself reading. But there was one book fan site that I go to and they have different sections for different books, Fifty Shades being one of them, and have a store with fan clothing. Nothing that is, I think, copyright infringement. The law firm that represents the author gave this woman a “Cease and Desist” letter for the clothing but not the fan site. I see the logic, I guess, but really there’s no quotes on anything. But if these pieces of clothing gets a “Cease and Desist” letter…. can I mention the book without getting sued? (that’s a joke, don’t take it personally)

Anyway, I digress. I decided against the book on my sensibilities.

So, sex in literature. I’m not against it. Sex happens. Pregnancy is totally preventable. I used to watch “Sixteen and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” but then I started not to stand those shows. I got tired of hearing these girls complaining that they have such a hard life and that their childhoods have been stolen by getting pregnant. For me, I feel like they chose that lifestyle when they decided to have sex. I mean, really, how bad is our education system and parenting doing if these girls can’t stop having sex or be smart about it. I don’t care how in love they are or how drunk they are (trust me you can be smart being drunk, I had a roommate who was really smart about alcohol and sex, so it’s doable). Don’t have sex if you’re not ready for the consequences. Period.

Now here’s going to be a first. I’m going to protect the Kardashians. There was a feud a while back with the Teen Moms and the Kardashian sisters. The difference between the two is that the Kardashians are old enough to have kids and can support having a child. I don’t know for sure but I don’t think all the Teen Moms can support kids. Just a speculation. I will support a Kardashian having a kid before a teenager. Just saying.

And let it stand, that I realize that people get raped and other things happen where women get pregnant under not so great circumstances. I get that and my heart goes out to them. But when it comes to sex being a choice, don’t complain about getting pregnant.

If it hasn’t been obvious, I think the media and sometimes literature are over sexed. I think there’s a tactful way to talk about sex, that’s not always talked about or done. It’s a choice to have sex in these mediums enter a person’s life to a huge degree. It’s not my lifestyle. So think before you have sex or read about it. Whatever floats your boat.


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