I’m a Hypocrite


Ever hate yourself for the books you read?

Ever hate yourself for the popular books you hated?

I have on both counts.

For me I hate myself for reading certain popular books. My emphasis in college was early to mid British Victorian literature written by women. So obviously my heart is in the 19th century. So knowing that I read things like the “Twilight” series kills me a little. I am a complex creature when it comes to literature. I really don’t want to talk about it now but maybe one day. Let’s just say, I’m ashamed of things I’ve read, read and liked, read period, etc.

There have been good instances like The Help. Not all modern non-historical fiction is bad, I’ve learned. (that’s pretty much my go to literature.)

The one series that I started and wish that I had loved is the “Wicked” series. I mentioned the other day that I’m creeped out by “The Wizard of Oz”, I blame my sister for that, so I’m not sure why I convinced myself I would love Wicked. Maybe because it was a popular Broadway show and I was hoping….? I don’t know. But the fact is, is that I didn’t like it. Maybe it was just the mood I was in when reading it or I don’t know. People’s jaws usually drop when I tell them that I didn’t like this book.

The truth is, I have a tendency to be a stupid rebel. I’ve gotten it in my head that I like historical literature, the classics and the same and that’s all I’m supposed to like. The reason I think I’m being a stupid rebel about this is because if I were going to be a smart rebel, I’d read obscure books or not as well-known books like Evilina. (another book I wasn’t overly crazy about but that was because I didn’t have time to really read it). I read Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. So in short, I’m a hypocrite. Just thought I’d throw that out.

I seriously hope that I’m not the only one who’s like hypocritical and hate the things they’ve read and hate how they snub other books but really read them.


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  1. It’s not hypocritical, it just means you have varied tastes. Different aspects of books will affect people in different ways, and if something in a more modern work stands out to you, then it’s fine to enjoy that work alongside more classic literature. It’s when you start arguing about the quality of various books that things tend to get a bit out of a hand. I think the best way to be rebellious, though, is to read something YOU like to read for no other reason at all- and let what other people think be damned 🙂

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