When Death is the Narrator


So last night I started reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Now I’m only 80 pages (or the first section to those reading a different version than mine) into it, so all my opinions on this piece is subject to change. If you haven’t read this book and planning on it or don’t want to hear anything about this book, stop reading. Right now. Because I’m going to give away stuff from the first 80 pages.

First of all I was confused when I first started reading. I was like “Who is talking and why are they talking about colors?”. Now I understand that it was death talking. Honestly, think it’s amazing that death is the narrator. Especially when the book is taking place in WWII.

One thing that I haven’t figured out yet or just missed it or it’s still coming, is why if she still has her mother is Liesel going to foster parents? Also, love the foster-father he reminds me of my grandpa sort of, in a way and I love the one word German-ness because I grew up listening to my dad and grandma speaking a sloppy version of German and I speak a little German. So I liked that.

I’m still sort of scratching my head on the little brother’s death. That coupled with the randomly going to foster parents makes some parts so far a little convenient so far? Maybe I’m not far enough into it, to find out reasons. Maybe I’m supposed to accept that since Death is speaking…..I don’t know. I’ll update later

Another random thing about me, I’m a phrase girl. I’ll read a phrase and I’ll stop and think how amazing it is for a while before I start again. Like I said a couple posts ago, I love to see how people state things. So far, in this book, I’ve random phrases that have caught my attention and that I really like. I can’t give you specific quotes because I’m “volunteering” at work and don’t have my library book. (I hate that I can’t mark up a book, with my books I always sit with a pen and a highlighter. But not with a library book.)

I just recently, like a half an hour ago, watched a video of Zusak talking about writing this book. From how I understand it, Markus never intended to write a book, let alone a y.a. novel. It was supposed to be a short novella. He wasn’t necessarily surprised by his writing, because he thought of what he wanted to write originally, he was just surprised by the length. I totally respect (love) writers that surprise themselves on any account of their writing. Well, exception is the writers whose characters “talk” to them (Stephanie Meyer for example). I’ve never understood that. To me, that seems a little mental but whatever helps your creative juices. Anyway, also found it interesting he got the WWII part from listening to his parents talk about living through the war during his childhood in Australia. I found that interesting but then I like to hear random back stories.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress and if Death reveals more about my questions.


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