I Give you Credit my Friends


I feel like I don’t give my friends enough credit.

As far as having friends, I have some. I often have felt like I’m friendless where I’m at since I haven’t been that social since I’ve moved here. That’s not true. I have friends, they’re amazing, they keep me on track, they challenge me in many ways. Each has a purpose, each has a different meaning in my life.

Example, I have made it evident, I’m a Christian. With that known, one can assume that I have a lot of Christian friends, which I do (I also have non-Christian friends). My friend Angela is a Christian friend of mine. We have the same love of music, same love of performing music, same taste in music and I love listening to her perform. Obviously, we have a bond in music. She asks me trombone questions and I just listen to her play like a million instruments. She also has God speaking to her. She will post things on Facebook that will challenge me as a person and as a Christian. I haven’t told her this, but I should, but I love when she challenges me. Like today, she had something on her wall by Rob Bell, I loved it. It made me think. And this is just one example, I have numerous examples with different people like this. All my friends stretch me as a person.

That is how all my friends are. They can be stupid, but they make me think. They not only make me think about things like, “If you had a country what would you name it?” but also, “What do you think about dating a non-Christian” or “What are your feelings about this horrible situation?”

I feel like that makes a fantastic friendship. I’ve had “friendships” where I didn’t have these kinds of conversations and they didn’t last. I also feel that’s what God wants of us. Yes, the bible says something to the extent of “When a man finds a wife, it is a good thing” so that kind of relationship is good. But what is marriage supposed to be based on? That’s right the answer is friendship. Friendship is companionship, friendship is intimate, friendship is good. Yes, there is different levels but friendship is good.

So Thank you friends (even if you’re blogging friends) for stretching me as a person.


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